Beware of the BIG BAD WOLF!

The Nursery children have been focusing on the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ whilst exploring the topic of ‘The Big Bad Wolf’. They have been learning about woodland as the setting of the story through sensory play, creating story-maps to re-tell the traditional tale and adopting the roles of different characters to re-enact the story in our woodland/Grandma’s House role-play area.

One child who participated in the ‘Home Learning Opportunity’ of last week, found a honeycomb which he brought to share with the class. It sparked lots of interest and the children were buzzing with excitement (excuse the cheesy pun) and asked to learn more about bees. As such, we made bee paintings, watched a child-friendly documentary and next week will be tasting honey sandwiches to extend this interest!


















The children were very excited to arrive at Nursery today to fields of white snow! We all went out to play and the children enjoyed rolling down the hill, making snowmen and listening to their feet crunching through the snow. We even brought some snow in to the classroom to continue the fun and added food colouring/paint at the children’s request.

After lots of fun playing outdoors we warmed up with a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit in the classroom.














2 thoughts on “Beware of the BIG BAD WOLF!

  1. Thanks to the nursery team for taking care of Isabel’s brother, Leo, while we were shown round the school as part of the open day. Looks like Leo had fun and he even made it into a photo!

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