Stupendous Stagecoaches

On the 28th February, the studious pupils of Year 1 created masterpieces that could have appeared on the set of Cinderella. They made marvellous stagecoaches. They decorated these with many different materials, that were vibrantly coloured. After they had made their creations, they shared their stagecoaches proudly to there class. The teachers all wore a grin on their face because Year 1 did so splendidly. Well done to Year 1 for making such marvellous stagecoaches and for making their teachers proud.

Perfect pancakes 👌

On Tuesday 28th of February, the Reception children celebrated pancake day by decorating and designing delectable pancakes, which were a feast for both the mouth and eyes. They thoroughly enjoyed it when they were allowed to bite into their scrumptious pancakes; we were licking our lips within seconds! With creative designs and a delicious result, the children and teachers who accompanied them were made extremely proud with the stupendously amazing pancakes. They decorated them with marshmallows, chocolate and banana and drizzled them with syrup and lemon juice, a finger-licking combination. Well done to them for making such fantastic pancakes!

Josh and Ekansh


Brilliant Bean Growing

The studious pupils of Year one began an epic journey of learning, they planted beans in a pot and are ready to observe the ways in which the plant grows and changes. The Year ones began growing the seeds in teams of six and are fascinated about the plants. Green sprouts and roots will begin to grow shortly from the seeds and the plants will eventually be transferred into rich soil to flourish into a lush plant and we have high hopes for this year’s batch; we know that they will become amazing plants and will make everyone proud.

Triumph strikes again!😎⚽️🏆

The successful Tubbenden football team face one of their hardest rivals, Hawes Down. They travelled to their opponents pitch and the whistle blew! Their confidence and team work has developed throughout the season and has paid off. The first couple of minutes the struggled to gain possession but the eventually scored the first goal, just before half time. When the half time whistle was blown, Ben, our great coach, called us over to have a brief talk reflecting our performance. We knew Hawes Down would come out strong and bold so all our effort had to go into this tough half. With Louie-who scored the opening goal-charging forward with all his effort looked for the pass to reach him, and just about poked one in. Soon after, Louie’s goal, Ben Cossar hammered a curler into the bottom right corner. That made the final score 3-0 to Tubbenden. Victorious again!

James and Benjamin

Stupendous certificate ceremony 🎖

On Friday the 24th of February the entire student body congregated to the main hall to witness special pupils receive certificates for the amazing feats they achieved. Firstly, a boy in year 4 named Aligarh received a certificate for achieving a merit in a music examination.

Next, was the group of proud pupils that took place in the Quiz Club competition. They were rewarded with certificates. They did very well and we all wish luck for the next contestants next year!

Well done to them for what they achieved and good luck to them in future examinations and competitions.

Josh and Ekansh

‘Wild Writing’ in the Nursery

Engaging young children in mark-making is the first step to creating confident and enthusiastic writers BUT it can often be challenging to get the boys on board!

This week we have moved the Literacy activities outside and made them as multisensory and messy as we can and the results have been fantastic.

Al the children but especially the boys enjoyed activities such as mud-painting, mark-making in wet sand, large-scale chalking, painting trees with ‘puffy’ paint and puddle-painting and even the changing weather couldn’t dampen their enthusiasm!


Some boys loved the mud more than others!








Skype Session with Justin Miles









On the last day of term Year 6 were lucky enough to be able to Skype with the explorer, adventurer and author Justin Miles.  The children’s full report will follow early next term!  It was a fantastic session where we learnt about Justin’s passion for the outdoors and some of his extreme adventures.

For a part of our interesting island life topic Mrs Davey organised to Skype an amazing and inspirational explorer, this is how we got on:

As soon as Justin Miles popped up on our screens we new we would be in for a treat as he set down a few ground rules and the main one was… to laugh at all his terrible jokes! We asked him a few questions such as:

What was the most dangerous situation you’ve been in?

He answered that he once slip on ice in the Arctic and tore his intestines out…OUCH!

What was your favourite adventure that you have been on?

To that he answered going to the Arctic for the first time and seeing amazing animals such as narwhals.

Overall our interview with Justin Miles was a fun, enjoyable and just plain awesome!

By Dylan and Dennis

Reception Dive Under The Sea

Still working on their topic ‘Under the Sea’,Reception have been ‘diving’ into a range of exciting activities including: making their own jellyfish; creating their own under the sea scenes and thinking of adjectives to describe an under the sea scenario.
An enormous amount of effort has been put into this work and the reception children should be very proud of themselves. WELL DONE!

Here are a few pictures of the children’s work:


Astonishing Award Assembly

An assembly, in which the entire student body congregated in the main hall, was held last week to acknowledge the various achievements accomplished recently by many students. These pupils had to stroll to the front of the hall to explain what they did and were also congratulated by Mr Turvey and all Tubbenden children.

Firstly, the four year 6 pupils that took place in the national Maths challenge-held by Explore Learning- explained what they did and how well they thought they did. They were congratulated with a medal 🎖 and a certificate. The students stated they enjoyed the experience and thought they did very well.

Secondly, a golf centre near Tubbenden saved up £1000 and donated it to our school. We all would like to say thank you to all those people that kindly did this.

Then, a child in year 5 shared his experience of being a mascot at the football match between West Brom and Tottenham.  Although he waited two years for this experience it was well worth; he got a Tottenham shirt signed by all the Tottenham squad.

Finally, a young boy named Shlock took place in a under 8 chess championship for in London. In the assembly he was given a trophy 🏆 as he had become the best under 8 chess player in London. Many congratulations to Shlock for this fabulous achievement and good luck for future competitions!