Nursery Crufts 2017

The Nursery children have been exploring the topic ‘All About Animals’ and had shown a particular interest in pets. As such, we adopted the role of ‘dog trainers’ and trained our ‘pet dogs’ (our Nursery friends) to complete exciting tricks such as jumping through hoops.

Once we thought they were ready, our ‘pet dog’ friends competed in an exciting ‘Crufts’ style competition complete winner podiums and rosettes that we had made earlier!

























The Morning Nursery Class were also treated to a visit from ‘Gizmo’ the cat! We would like to say a BIG thank you to Mrs. Atkinson for bringing ‘Gizmo’ in to meet the children.









After lots of interest in ‘Gizmo’s’ collar and discussion about the reason why pets need to have their address printed on their collars, the Nursery children made ‘Missing’ posters for pets which led to some fantastic mark-making and attempts at name-writing.










What a busy week we have had!

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