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On the last day of term Year 6 were lucky enough to be able to Skype with the explorer, adventurer and author Justin Miles.  The children’s full report will follow early next term!  It was a fantastic session where we learnt about Justin’s passion for the outdoors and some of his extreme adventures.

For a part of our interesting island life topic Mrs Davey organised to Skype an amazing and inspirational explorer, this is how we got on:

As soon as Justin Miles popped up on our screens we new we would be in for a treat as he set down a few ground rules and the main one was… to laugh at all his terrible jokes! We asked him a few questions such as:

What was the most dangerous situation you’ve been in?

He answered that he once slip on ice in the Arctic and tore his intestines out…OUCH!

What was your favourite adventure that you have been on?

To that he answered going to the Arctic for the first time and seeing amazing animals such as narwhals.

Overall our interview with Justin Miles was a fun, enjoyable and just plain awesome!

By Dylan and Dennis

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