Astonishing Award Assembly

An assembly, in which the entire student body congregated in the main hall, was held last week to acknowledge the various achievements accomplished recently by many students. These pupils had to stroll to the front of the hall to explain what they did and were also congratulated by Mr Turvey and all Tubbenden children.

Firstly, the four year 6 pupils that took place in the national Maths challenge-held by Explore Learning- explained what they did and how well they thought they did. They were congratulated with a medal 🎖 and a certificate. The students stated they enjoyed the experience and thought they did very well.

Secondly, a golf centre near Tubbenden saved up £1000 and donated it to our school. We all would like to say thank you to all those people that kindly did this.

Then, a child in year 5 shared his experience of being a mascot at the football match between West Brom and Tottenham.  Although he waited two years for this experience it was well worth; he got a Tottenham shirt signed by all the Tottenham squad.

Finally, a young boy named Shlock took place in a under 8 chess championship for in London. In the assembly he was given a trophy 🏆 as he had become the best under 8 chess player in London. Many congratulations to Shlock for this fabulous achievement and good luck for future competitions!


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