Triumph strikes again!😎⚽️🏆

The successful Tubbenden football team face one of their hardest rivals, Hawes Down. They travelled to their opponents pitch and the whistle blew! Their confidence and team work has developed throughout the season and has paid off. The first couple of minutes the struggled to gain possession but the eventually scored the first goal, just before half time. When the half time whistle was blown, Ben, our great coach, called us over to have a brief talk reflecting our performance. We knew Hawes Down would come out strong and bold so all our effort had to go into this tough half. With Louie-who scored the opening goal-charging forward with all his effort looked for the pass to reach him, and just about poked one in. Soon after, Louie’s goal, Ben Cossar hammered a curler into the bottom right corner. That made the final score 3-0 to Tubbenden. Victorious again!

James and Benjamin

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