Outdoor Explorer’s Club

Week 8:

The Reception ‘Outdoor Explorer’ Club have been tending to their planted potatoes this week watering them and making sure they are still covered in soil as well as continuing to build the ‘Bug Hotel’ and keep it stocked with lots of compost materials to attract some mini-beast buddies!

We also participated in a ‘Nature Walk’ around the school fields to see what signs of ‘Spring’ we could see. The children were very excited to tick off the different things on their list as we found them such as leaves, blossom and clouds. They even spotted a squirrel!


This is the last week of ‘Outdoor Explorers Club’ before the Easter Holidays, we hope that you have a lovely break and look forward to seeing you when we return.

Survival Skills

Yesterday, on the 27th of March 2017, Year 6 experienced the intriguing event of bushcraft; in these activities we learnt basic survival skills including making fires and shelters. We were taught by qualified professionals that made sure we had a magnificent time whilst we were extremely safe. We made fires using cotton that we set alight using flint and metal then we put hay and sticks on the small flames making them enlarge and turn into proper flames. We also made shelters for stuffed toys to shelter inside to protect them from water. They were constructed using irregular-shaped wood, sticks and leaves. For the task of filtering water, we used charcoal, sand and stones. We also made wooden pencils with elder wood and a blade that we kept away from our chests. Overall we had an amazing time and we would do it again in a flash!

Unfortunately Beaten ⚽️😱😪

On Friday 24th March, the Tubbenden football team played two difficult and astonishing games; the first one being a league game and the second being the semi-finals of the cup. With only half an hour a game, shorter than usual, some fantastic football was played and constant balls were played over the top.  Skills, performed to perfection, were beating the opposition, Oaklodge, and leaving them hanging in shame. Pace was beating them and we were just sprinting through the small gaps that emerged. Over all, the first match ended 1-1.  The second match was the most important. If we’d won, we had a chance of winning the cup for our school but when the final whistle blew, 2-1 was the score. Our first match we had lost in 3 years. We were all disappointed but our coach boosted our confidence saying, “The better teams win the league and so far, we are top! Although we lost, we played some outstanding football!” We were left contented by his loyal words. 😀⚽️

House Captain Assemblies

Pankhurst’s Perfect House Captain’s Assembly 👌👌👌

On the 23rd of March, the studious Pankhurst house congregated into the main hall for the second house captain’s assembly of the year.  The topic was interesting and conveyed in bizarre, humorous way.  They used a YouTube video to show the theme and used a word puzzle for the reveal of the word: teamwork.  They first showed and discussed the video and gave a word puzzle about teamwork. We were dismissed and thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and we thank the house captains for arranging the experience.

By Josh

Wilberforce House Assembly

On the 23rd of March everyone separated into their houses for a house assembly.

Everyone in Wilberforce was ushered into the music room for a speech performed by the house and vice captains. The year 6 talked about teamwork and how we could work well together to achieve success and victory for our house. We then watched a video about giraffes who helped each other dive into a swimming pool. Many of the students laughed as the animals performed tricks and flipped into the air.  All the children participated well with their answers and really inspired many of their fellow teammates. This was another great house assembly and we hope that everyone in Wilberforce continues to earn many house points and continue producing more wonderful ideas.

By Alyssa

Darwin house assembly 👌😀

A different assembly took place in Excalibur class. All of Darwin huddled in and the vice and house captains taught them a very good lesson.👍 Team work was the topic and they watched a video about giraffes using their buddy to practise their diving. I think everybody has learnt how they could earn house points by working hard and working together.

by James

Fantastic Nightingale Assembly👍👌✅

On Thursday the 23rd of July,  the Nightingale house (and so did the other houses) gathered in a particular part of the juniors to talk about how they could improve in terms of house points and sports day. Nightingale presented their assembly in the ICT suite; it was hard to get the whole Nightingale body into a small space, but eventually they huddled in. As the assembly got started, the house captains showed a video about a group of giraffes that worked together to practices diving. Not only was it hilarious, but it shared an important messages: Teamwork. So Nightingale learnt that all they needed to have was teamwork to, accomplish many things…

By Ekansh

Excellent Netball Match!


On Tuesday the 21st of March, Tubbenden’s fantastic netball team played an exhilarating away match against Darrick Wood Junior School.  With excitement bubbling inside of them the team headed to the school. Both the teams had improved massively since the match at Tubbenden at the beginning of the year.  A shrill whistle jerked the game into action, Darrick Wood had some incredible shooters however Tubbenden’s interception skills were just as impressive.  We played two games as usual (and added up the points from each game to reach the overall score) and,surprisingly, both teams drew until the final half of the last match.  With approximately 4 seconds to spare Darrick Wood scored a miraculous goal.  Darrick Wood won 5-4 but it was a good game with lots of good sportsmanship as well.

Thank you to Darrick Wood for letting us play with you!

By Ella

Fabulous Filming with ‘A Tale Unfolds’ 🎞📽🎥

On the 20th of March, the students of Lancelot, thanks to Mrs Davey’s hard work with a company called ‘A Tale Unfolds’ whose job it is to promote digital literacy in schools, were professionally filmed to star in ‘Plastic Times’.  We hope that this film will be shared with BIG companies like First News and CNN. Each of the children had at least one role in this exceptional event – everyone working together and encouraging each other – they did a wonderful job! With hi-tech equipment and amazing acting, the outcome was extraordinary.

As the pupils strolled causally into the room that morning, little did they know a giant green screen and one of their most inspirational actors – Rufus Write from ‘A Tale Unfolds’- would be waiting to greet them. They had an exhilarating time in the studio with Hollywood-style equipment and professionals on the job. The whole reason for this was to spread the word about the large clusters of plastic that destroy our beautiful oceans today; we spent a whole unit of work learning about this. We concluded with innovations to help terminate plastic pollution and we give thanks to Mrs Davey for arranging this amazing opportunity.

Check out our video online now: https://youtu.be/dYUZKnUt64s

by Josh and Ekansh

Look at some photo highlights of our day here:

Outdoor Explorers Club

Week 7:

The Reception ‘Outdoor Explorer’ Club have been planting radishes this week and were excited to check on the progress of the potatoes they planted last week.

They also enjoyed a mini-beast hunt around the garden using magnifying glasses to find some small-world insects, and ‘watering’ numbered flowers with water pistols.

Finally, we began construction on our new ‘Bug Hotel’ and are going to start filling it with compost materials and hopefully we’ll have plenty of little visitors check in for us to observe!

Triumphant Again!


On Thursday 16th of March 2017, Tubbenden’s long successful 3 year streak was continued with another ground-breaking, amazing, astonishing performance by our strong team.  The talented, hard-working eleven players blew away the dismayed Warren Road squad with a breathtaking 6:0 win, which left the broken-hearted opponents in despair.

The squad of eleven were:  James, Ryan, Ollie, Jamie, Jake, Ekansh, Jake, Callum, Josh, Joe, Jacob.

The brilliant shots that entered the net were by: Josh G, James, Ryan and Ollie.

The parents spectated an amazing performance and loved watching till the end!

Ryan and Ollie

In the Nursery this week…

This week the children have been exploring the topic ‘Colour Crazy’ with lots of opportunity to explore patterns, what happens when they mix primary and secondary colours and creating sequences of sound using instruments.




















We also celebrated the Hindu festival of Holi by spraying each other with coloured water. Thank you to Sahil and Anika’s parents who shared their experiences of celebrating the festival with the afternoon Nursery class.











Finally, we celebrated the Irish festival of ‘St Patrick’s Day’ by attempting some Irish dance during PE, baking Soda bread and listening to the story of how St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland.