House Captain Assemblies

Pankhurst’s Perfect House Captain’s Assembly 👌👌👌

On the 23rd of March, the studious Pankhurst house congregated into the main hall for the second house captain’s assembly of the year.  The topic was interesting and conveyed in bizarre, humorous way.  They used a YouTube video to show the theme and used a word puzzle for the reveal of the word: teamwork.  They first showed and discussed the video and gave a word puzzle about teamwork. We were dismissed and thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and we thank the house captains for arranging the experience.

By Josh

Wilberforce House Assembly

On the 23rd of March everyone separated into their houses for a house assembly.

Everyone in Wilberforce was ushered into the music room for a speech performed by the house and vice captains. The year 6 talked about teamwork and how we could work well together to achieve success and victory for our house. We then watched a video about giraffes who helped each other dive into a swimming pool. Many of the students laughed as the animals performed tricks and flipped into the air.  All the children participated well with their answers and really inspired many of their fellow teammates. This was another great house assembly and we hope that everyone in Wilberforce continues to earn many house points and continue producing more wonderful ideas.

By Alyssa

Darwin house assembly 👌😀

A different assembly took place in Excalibur class. All of Darwin huddled in and the vice and house captains taught them a very good lesson.👍 Team work was the topic and they watched a video about giraffes using their buddy to practise their diving. I think everybody has learnt how they could earn house points by working hard and working together.

by James

Fantastic Nightingale Assembly👍👌✅

On Thursday the 23rd of July,  the Nightingale house (and so did the other houses) gathered in a particular part of the juniors to talk about how they could improve in terms of house points and sports day. Nightingale presented their assembly in the ICT suite; it was hard to get the whole Nightingale body into a small space, but eventually they huddled in. As the assembly got started, the house captains showed a video about a group of giraffes that worked together to practices diving. Not only was it hilarious, but it shared an important messages: Teamwork. So Nightingale learnt that all they needed to have was teamwork to, accomplish many things…

By Ekansh

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