Unfortunately Beaten ⚽️😱😪

On Friday 24th March, the Tubbenden football team played two difficult and astonishing games; the first one being a league game and the second being the semi-finals of the cup. With only half an hour a game, shorter than usual, some fantastic football was played and constant balls were played over the top.  Skills, performed to perfection, were beating the opposition, Oaklodge, and leaving them hanging in shame. Pace was beating them and we were just sprinting through the small gaps that emerged. Over all, the first match ended 1-1.  The second match was the most important. If we’d won, we had a chance of winning the cup for our school but when the final whistle blew, 2-1 was the score. Our first match we had lost in 3 years. We were all disappointed but our coach boosted our confidence saying, “The better teams win the league and so far, we are top! Although we lost, we played some outstanding football!” We were left contented by his loyal words. 😀⚽️

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