Outdoor Explorer’s Club

Week 9:

The Reception ‘Outdoor Explorer’s Club’ were excited to plant some sunflower seeds this week and check in on the progress of our potatoes which are growing nicely!

The children also engaged in a ‘bark rubbing’ creative activity on the school playing fields and used lots of different coloured crayons to make some very bright pictures.

In the Nursery this week…

In the Nursery this week we have been exploring the topic ‘People Who Help Us’ with lots of role-play opportunities, interactive SMART board games, creative activities and even a visit from a real police officer!

A selection of this week’s activities:

Thank you Tommy’s dad for coming in to share with the Nursery class your experience of being a police officer!

The children also participated in the TFA ‘Sponsored Bounce’ this week. Thank you for all your generous donations.



Genius Tudors

On the afternoon of Friday 31st March, Year 4 presented their Genius Hour Tudor projects to their parents in the Junior Hall. It was very successful with items such as Tudor houses, castles, weapons, clothing, food….