In the Nursery this week…

In the Nursery this week the children have been exploring the topic ‘The Great Outdoors’ following lots of observations of them playing picnics and camping in the Nursery garden.

We have transformed our role-play area in to a campsite with pop-up tents and the children have been using the plastic food and malleable materials to host picnics for their friends.

We have also been exploring natural resources and creating collages as well as singing action songs around¬†the Nursery¬†‘campfire’ even toasting marshmallows today which were very yummy!

As part of their ‘Home Learning’ the children brought in one piece of recyclable material and categorised it by material in the Nursery ‘Recycling Site’ which has triggered lots of discussion about the environment and what we need to do to keep the world ‘happy’.

We will be continuing with this topic next week and introducing a ‘Literacy Focus’ on the story ‘The Bog Baby’ by Jeanne Willis.


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