Science Quiz Victory

On the 19th of October , Tubbenden were invited to participate in a science quiz.The quiz took place at 9:50am and consisted of 4 teams. Other schools that participated include Green St Green and Balgowan. Down to the last question, Tubbenden snatched the trophy with over 1400 points! Well done Tubbenden!👍
By Lauren and Amber




Mr Savva’s Adventure ✈️

In the summer Mr Sava journeyed to Laos by plane and boat. He discovered that the children in Laos live in poverty and don’t have toys or equipment to play/use. So himself and his friends had an idea: to decorate wooden planks and transform them into swings. The children loved it but Mr Sava wants to spread the joy over more schools. Each class has their own swings and have now decorated them for the kids in Laos.They all look amazing and colourful! Two weeks ago (21st October) he flew back to Laos and delivered our swings to the children in different schools. Merlin class were selling badges related to this project.
By Joana



Gardening Club 🌷

Thank you to all those who collected Coolings Vouchers last term. We have just received £60 from Coolings and have spent some on tidying up our front entrance planters. Coolings Voucher is still running, so please continue to collect them and hand them into the school office.
Many thanks, Mrs Maher & Gardening Club.



Tubbenden Strike Again!⚽️

The Y6 football team played Darrick Wood Junior School on Tuesday 17th October.The boys played well scoring 2 goals in the first half going up hill ,despite trying hard ,Darrick Wood scored 2 more goals to equalise with 1 minute to go Joshua put the ball in the net to make it 3-2 with 20 seconds left.The boys tried hard and won there game having many injuries nose bleeds, bruised legs the boys managed to hold on! Go Tubbenden!
By Carter


Go Girls!

The year 6 girls football team played their first match on Wednesday 11th .The scores for all games were: won 3-0, lost 2-1 , lost 1-0 and lost 2-0 .They came 5th place and scored 7 points for their first match .The girls did well and will be sure to win all games in the future!👍
By Carter

In the Nursery this week…

In the Nursery this week the morning class have been exploring the topic ‘Transport’ with the opportunity to engage in road safety role-play in the outdoor area, categorising transport types by land and engaging in transport themed listening activities.

They also got very messy washing the cars in the outdoor area and car painting.

The afternoon children have demonstrated a real interest in the story ‘Dear Zoo’ and have enjoyed participating in animal themed listening activities and singing songs. The children ‘wrote’ letters to the zoo to ask for a Nursery pet and were delighted when the postman sent them a puppy (just like in the story!) to visit for the day. Albert the dog was a popular member of the Nursery class and a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about what a pet needs to be healthy.

Other activities this week have included a ‘Nature Scavenger Hunt’ following the children observing a squirrel in the Nursery outdoor area and lots of junk modelling in the art area.


Crofton Roman Villa

Crofton Roman Villa

On the 5th of October year 3 went on a school trip to the Crofton Roman Villa . While they enjoyed dressing up, making mosaics and looking at the wonderful remains of the villa, they also discovered that under our school field is a Roman Villa. They also learnt about how they lived in those ancient times.
By Jaydee and Harry




Knighthoods 🤴🏽🗡

We would like to say a huge congratulations to all the people who got a knighthood in the past few days. They have lived up to Tubbendens’ values and achieved either their bronze,silver or gold. Also we would like to say a immense thank you to all the parents and guardians for supporting the children.
By Jaydee and Joana