In the Nursery this week…

In the Nursery, the Morning Class have been exploring the Literacy Focus ‘ Who Sank the Boat’ and have enjoyed a lot of boat based activities! The children played a game of sharks and boats in PE using hoops as boats to try and avoid the sharks and made boats out of junk modelling material which they put in a tray of water and used small wooden people to see how many people it took to sink the boat!

The Afternoon Class showed a lot of interest in playing schools so we turned the role play area into a classroom for the week where the children enjoyed setting activities for their friends to do. In PE they have had fun tackling obstacle courses, climbing, jumping and balancing. The children have also shown a lot of interest in building towers recently so the afternoon children had a fun task of seeing how high they could build Lego towers and some of them challenged themselves to count the bricks!

All day Friday we have celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day in the Nursery. The children were invited to come in wearing green clothes and we read the story of Saint Patrick. The morning children enjoyed activities such as making soda bread, attempting some Irish dancing and painting some snakes with pipe cleaners. The afternoon children watched a video about how Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated, engaged in a rainbow ribbon dance and had fun making rainbow CD’s.

Happy Saint Patrick’s day 🙂


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