This Week in the Nursery…

The children have all been taking part in lots of farm based activities this week to build on their experience at the farm. A post was published earlier in the week containing photos and information about our trip to Godstone Farm.

The morning children went to the school library to see if they could find any farm related books, they then used these books to draw what happened when they went to the farm and the animals they saw. They have also been developing their fine motor skills making animals and animal enclosures out of playdough, moulding different shapes with their fingers and using scissors to cut small pieces of straw to use as fence posts. The children have been showing a huge interest in counting, outside on the field, the children enjoyed throwing beanbags into tyres and identifying the number on the card inside the tyre.

The afternoon class played an exciting tag style game of ‘sheep herding’ during PE, some of the children were sheep and some sheep dogs. Some of the children showed an interest in writing the animal names which led to decorating letters to look like the animal, i.e decorating the letter ‘P’ to look like a pig. The children have shown a huge interest again in emergency services and enjoyed putting out ‘fires’ in the classroom.



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