This week in the Nursery…

The children in the morning have been continuing to expand their knowledge on the phonic sound of letters. This week they played ‘I spy’ in the classroom and tried to find or think of things beginning with  the letter ‘t’.  After the children have been showing a lot of interest in vehicles and transport, A lot of transport themed activities have taken place this week, such as using cars in a tray of paint to print tyre tracks onto paper and matching the profession to the vehicle i.e. doctor and an ambulance. Thank you to those who sent back the vehicle spotting home learning!

The afternoon class have shown a lot of interest in using play dough so have been extending both their fine motor and literacy skills trying to form letters out of play dough using letter stencils. They have also been showing off their maths skills by putting numbered strips of paper together to make pictures of vehicles. They also enjoyed playing with the small world Aquarium!


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