This Week in the Nursery…

The children in the morning have been engaging in all sorts of Fun Fayre based activities this week including hoopla, hook a duck and a coconut shy! One of the children even created their own Fun Fayre stand called a ‘teddy tombola’ where the children had to throw balls at bottles on crates to knock them over in order to win the prize of a teddy. During PE they tried their hardest to be ‘The Greatest Showman’ by showing off their jumping, balancing and gymnastics skills.

The afternoon class have been focusing on the topic of starting school. They have been dressing themselves in school uniforms, making registers and class lists and even attempting to teach their friends some lessons. Some of the children went on a ‘colour walk’ around the field, identifying all different colours they could see in our setting.

During a very hot lunchtime some of the children helped to make a shelter to sit under using sheets. They pulled over logs and crates to sit on and all looked at some books in the shade together.


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