This week in the Nursery…

The morning class have been showing off their science skills, watching and helping with lots of experiments such as making lava lamps and making a fountain with Coke and Mentos! They have also been engaging well, practicing their phonics by playing eye spy, looking for things beginning with S, A and T.

The afternoon class have been learning all about starting school and talking about the changes that might happen in the next few weeks. They have also been looking at different textures, talking about how things feel such as bubble wrap, then using it to create some patterns with paint.

Sports Day;

Thank you to all who came to join us on Sports Day. A big well done to all the parents who joined in with the races and an even bigger well done to all the children who took part. It was a very hot day and the children were all so patient waiting for their turns and cheered their teams on with excitement. Well done to the winners, the Orange Tornados!



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