This Week in the Nursery….

Following a lot of interest in Power Rangers and Superheroes, the morning class have been engaging in lots of superhero themed activities such as an exciting PE game of ‘who’s under the cape?’, sorting superheroes by matching them to the correct colour mats and making instruments to make their own theme song on!

The afternoon class have recently expressed a lot of interest in playing with the tea set in the role play area, making lots of snacks and drinks for their friends so we followed on from this by taking the tea set outside for them to have a ‘picnic’ on the grass. We then made our own sandwiches which we ate outside together.

The children have really enjoyed looking at all the different items brought in from everybody’s nature walks. A pumpkin was brought in which the children enjoyed feeling and looking at. One of the children dropped the pumpkin and the seeds fell out which led to a lot of discussion about how it feels and smells. The children then enjoyed planting them in an outdoor mud role play activity.

Thank you to everybody who has brought in their pet this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting Ben the tortoise, Betsy the rabbit and Rosie the cat. The children asked lots of questions and enjoyed having lots of cuddles so thank you for sharing your pets with us 🙂



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