This Week in the Nursery…

The morning provision have been exploring the literacy focus of the story ‘Spider Sandwiches’ this week. They have been engaging in all sorts of insect related activities such as expanding their fine motor skills with tweezers collecting small ‘worms’ (Rice) from a large tray and digging through mud to find all sorts of bugs! Towards the end of the week, the children have shown a lot of interest in parties. On Thursday we had a birthday party for Tubby, our class bear. The children engaged in a lot of mark making activities by making birthday cards for him and also had the opportunity to decorate a birthday cupcake.

The afternoon provision have been continuing to express their interest in colours of the rainbow. They enjoyed getting messy, making rainbow pictures with dyed rice. One of the teachers didn’t make a good choice one lunchtime and was running in the classroom!  She dropped a box full of sorting bears on the floor (conveniently in the maths area) which the children helped to tidy up by sorting them into their correct colour categories. The children have also been expressing a great interest in pirates so during registration one afternoon, the children contributed their ideas to make a huge treasure map! At the end of the week the children were shocked to hear a pirate had been in our classroom! He a left a note and a treasure map which we all followed around the school to find the treasure.


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