This Week in the Nursery…

The morning class have shown a keen interest in identifying different shapes. During a PE lesson, the teachers called out the name of a shape or described some of it’s properties and the children worked together as a team to try and identify the correct shape and run to the picture! They have also been watching a few ‘action word’ videos which have small sentences in describing what’s happening and the children have been identifying the action word.

The afternoon class have been looking at creatures from under the sea, sorting our small world sea creatures into their animal groups and engaged well copying actions from dance videos about sea creatures. They also used their imaginative skills to draw their own sea creatures then made them using junk modelling materials. A few of the children also enjoyed mixing colours in food bags, identifying the colours they were adding and which colours they had made.

As one of our children has been very unwell this week, the children from both classes drew pictures which we made into a card for him. A few of the children then went on a walk to the postbox to post the card. We all wish him a speedy recovery!


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