This Week in the Nursery…

The morning class have been exploring different festive activities this week including making reindeer stables out of junk modelling materials and writing their own letters to Santa. The children showed excellent control using scissors to cut pictures out of magazines, they then used these pictures to make a Christmas list. During PE this week, the children all engaged in different obstacle courses. From crawling through tunnels, to balancing on benches to jumping from different heights. They even attempted to climb a gymnastics ladder table.

The afternoon class have also been engaging in different festive activities including making Santa’s sleigh out of junk modelling materials and using festive food magazines to design their own Christmas dinner. They have also shown a lot of interest in emptying and filling this week so we poured lentils and rice onto a table with our measuring beakers. Some of the children even compared the amounts in each of their beakers.




This Week in the Nursery…

The morning class had a surprise on Monday when a huge spider ran across the classroom! The children suggested we put it in a pot and release it outside. After we released the spider, the children participated in lots of discussion and activities about the spider from trying to work out where it came from, to using tweezers to try and take ‘spiders’ off of a tape web. During PE this week the children have been requesting racing games. During these races, they have shown great listening skills and demonstrated good knowledge of their daily routine such as, racing if they go home at 3.30pm, 4pm or stay for lunch.

The afternoon class have continued to express their interest in weather, in particular snow and rain. We read the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and discussed the different types of weather pictured in the book. On a nature walk around the playground, one of the children noticed a bird nest in the trees which led to a lot of discussion about who made it and what’s in it. The children then used play dough and lolly sticks to make their own nests.

On Monday both classes participated in our ‘Hibernation Day’ we discussed what hibernation is and which animals hibernate. We read the story ‘Bear Snores On’ then made dens to read stories in, made play dough hedgehogs and explored the hibernation investigation tray.