This Week in the Nursery…

The morning provision have been concentrating hard, working on their fine motor skills this week, they have been looking for buried items in sand, using tweezers to pull them out. they have also been snipping paper, using the ‘tap a nail’ resource and threading beads on to string. During PE they have been engaging in different obstacle courses travelling, over, on through and around different equipment. They have also enjoyed different listening songs by ‘Sticky Kids’ .

The afternoon class had a visit from a bubble scientist at the beginning of the week. The children had the opportunity to join in and make bubbles of different size and engage in different experiments. They have also been practicing writing their names and listening games involving their initial sounds. Our literacy focus has been the story ‘rainbow fish’ we read the story then made a story map about a fish. They also enjoyed activities such as making collage fish, drawing fish of different colours and sorting ‘people and boats’. putting the right number of people into the correct number boat.



This Week in the Nursery….

The morning provision has been having a go at different types of puzzles this week from 9 piece wooden peg puzzles to 12 piece jigsaw puzzles! They have shown excellent problem solving skills and correctly matched pieces together by looking at the colours.

They have also been exploring colour matching in PE, taking part in different racing/ colour matching games. First we played a game in teams where the children had to find coloured objects and place them on the correct colour mat, this proved WAY too easy, so we played a game where in teams, there were different coloured objects on the wrong coloured mat, they demonstrated excellent problem solving skills to move the objects and matched the colours correctly.

The afternoon provision have shown a great interest in ‘making biscuits’ in the role play area. So this week the children all helped to measure ingredients to make salt dough from which the children made ‘biscuits’ and shared at a ‘picnic’ .

They have also shown interest in practicing name writing this week so a few children had a practice at writing and identifying their initial sound and some had a go at writing their whole name!

Both Provisions celebrated Chinese New Year on Tuesday. The children took part in lots of different activities such as learning the story of Chinese Years, taking part in chopstick and noodle races, attempting to write numbers in Chinese and made some Chinese lanterns.

We have also been focusing on our current phonic sound ‘s’. The children have been looking for different items in the nursery beginning with this sound and practiced writing it too. They also played a game where they had to find different pictures of things beginning with ‘s’ which were hidden around the room, there were some trick pictures hidden amongst them which the children managed to avoid well!


This Week in the Nursery…

The morning class have been continuing to show interest in our snails this week so have been exploring the different patterns on the snails shells and have even attempted to make their own snails using junk modelling materials. Using play dough and shaving foam, the children have been making ice creams this week, and used scissors to cut toppings of different shapes. At our literacy table the children have been trying to find letters of their names which were hidden in cornflour, shaving foam and jelly. They then attempted to try and write their names by copying the letters.

The afternoon provision have been exploring a lot of mark making activities this week such as large scale mark making with chalk, using their fingers to draw in sand and flour and using paintbrushes with water to draw in a tray. After a lot of excitement last week when our volcano erupted, the children enjoyed playing a listening game in PE about volcanoes, mountains, rocks and earthquakes. They also played a game of mountains and valleys. As a few of the children this week have been talking things that make them happy, we used play dough to make different facial expressions and discussed different things that make us feel happy, sad, surprised or angry.