This Week in the Nursery…

The morning class have been helping to sort out our garden this week, we’ve been planting seeds and herbs and set up a bug hotel. the children have also noticed somebody has been leaving presents around the garden, all the presents lead us to believe we have a garden fairy!

They have also been playing football games in PE and showing off their kicking and catching skills.

The afternoon class began the week exploring the literacy focus ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We read the story and then acted it out with finger puppets. We then planted sunflowers which we’re looking at each day to see if they’re growing. The children are really enjoying helping to look after them.

We have also been using the infant playground to play whole class games such as hide and seek and what’s the time Mr Wolf.

Both Classes really enjoyed Friday, thank you to all the parents and family who attended and took part in the activities with the children.



This Week in the Nursery…

Both Provisions have been celebrating ‘Book Week’. All the children have been engaging in activities based around our literacy focus ‘The Lion King’. We also had a visit from an illustrator, Liz Million. she came in and told us all about how she started her career drawing and showed us her to draw different animals, all starting with the same shape.

The morning provision have been exploring the different movements and sounds of animals from the African Planes. Using instruments, we made different sounds and noises, the children then associated the instrument to the way an animal moves, for example, the drum sounded like an elephant running. Using library books, the children had to find the animals who live on the African Planes and then attempted to draw them.

The afternoon provision enjoyed a game of ‘lion tag’, using Velcro belts and ribbons for tails, the children had to chase each other and take as many tails as they could before the time ran out. We also played an animal listening game and discusses how the different animals might move and then attempted to move like the animals. towards the end of the week we read the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ which the children then enjoyed acting out, wearing animals masks to re create the story.





This Week in the Nursery…

The morning class began the week engaging in activities based on the literacy focus ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The children drew story maps to explain what happens in the story. In PE the children enjoyed taking part in a porridge obstacle race. The children were in 3 teams, each had a pot of oats. They had to tackle each obstacle without spilling any of their porridge on the floor. They also used puppets to re create the story and used our ‘sorting bears’ and duplo to create bear houses.

Towards the end of the week, the children showed a great interest in using bendy tubes in the construction area to make people and robots. To follow on from this, the children made their own robots using different junk modelling materials including bottle tops, foil and large boxes.

The afternoon class have been exploring the five senses this week. On Monday we learnt what the five senses are and began with exploring ‘sight’. we went for a walk around the school to see what different objects we can see our reflection in. We then used water and CD’s to create rainbows. On Tuesday we explored ‘hearing’. We went on a listening walk around the school then played a listening game in PE based on what we had heard on our walk. On Wednesday we learnt about our sense of smell. The children were able to smell different herbs, spices and flowers. They then used excellent descriptive words to describe each different thing. On Thursday we explored the sense of touch. We played  a game of ‘What’s in the Box’ and during PE the children had to navigate their way around cones and other obstacles in the hall with their eyes closed and with a partner, only by touching each object. Finally, on Friday we explored the sense of taste. The children were able to taste different fruits which they then described. We also had a recap of what the five different senses are.

Both classes enjoyed celebrating ‘ Shrove Tuesday’ this week. We read the story ‘ The Run Away Pancake’ then the children enjoyed helping to make and eating pancakes!


This Week in the Nursery…

The morning provision have been exploring different quantities this week by taking part in different emptying and filling activities. The children used rice and lentils to fill different size containers and find which was the heaviest. They also filled buckets with sand and some with mud to compare the weights.

In the construction area, the children enjoyed making different size dinosaurs and dragons out of stickle bricks, they then used Duplo to create homes for them. This then turned into village of houses for dragons and dinosaurs!

The afternoon provision have been exploring shadows this week. We took full advantage of the sunshine this week and went onto the playground, the children got themselves into pairs and we drew around each others shadows. The following day we went for a walk around the school, looking to see if we could find any shadows.

The children have also shown an interest in looking in our small mirrors this week so we have also been looking at our reflections. We looked at our faces in the mirrors and drew our different emotions. This led onto us discussing feelings and emotions and what makes us feel them.

Both Provisions enjoyed sharing their ‘half term snapshot sheets’. They showed their pictures then answered questions from the other children such as ‘how did you get there?’ and ‘what was your favourite thing you did?’

On Friday, we celebrated St David’s Day in the Nursery. The children took part in different crafts such as making daffodils, drawing their own dragons, and making dragons with junk modelling materials.