Nursery Weekly Newsletter 07/06/19

Dear Parents and Carers,

Morning Provision:

This week the morning provision have been exploring different climates around the world. We started by looking at the desert, reading stories about the desert and discussing which animals live there. We then looked at the Arctic and which animals live there.

There has been a lot of discussion this week about holidays, the children have shown a great interest in flags. We printed off different flags for the children to colour in and they also had to identify the different countries they came from using a book about the different flags.

Using junk modelling materials, the children have been making their own musical instruments. They used straws to make panpipes which they decorated themselves and used biscuit tubs to make drums.


Afternoon Provision :

This week we have been exploring the topic ‘all around the world’ at the beginning of the week the children voted which countries they’d like to visit. Each day we explored a different country, starting the session with a powerpoint containing facts about each place. We started with France, the children enjoyed using construction materials to make buildings and structures associated with France. We then looked at Spain and had a go at some flamenco dancing. The favourite was Italy, the children used collage materials to make pizza and were excited to hear about the waterways of Venice!

After coming back from half term, we found our herbs have doubled in size! we cut a few down and soaked them in water to create to stronger scent. The children enjoyed smelling parsley, lavender, mint but didn’t really enjoy the chives!

Home Learning:

This weeks’ home learning is to bring in a photo of your child on holiday for them to talk about and to put up in our role play travel agents.

Photos of these activities or any other exciting news can be emailed to

Sports Day Teams:

On Friday the 14th June it is Sports Day! On this day, your child must still attend wearing their uniform however, they can wear a tshirt matching their teams colour! If you are unsure of your child’s team colour or have any questions, please speak to a member of the nursery team who will be happy to help you. Please be reminded Sports Day will begin at 10.30 for ALL nursery children, when you arrive, head to the school office where a member of the nursery team will give you a visitor sticker. If your child attends afternoon sessions, we ask on this day they arrive for 10.30 wearing their coloured tshirt. If you wish for your child to stay for the remainder of the day, please send them in with a packed lunch.  Again, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to approach a member of the nursery team.


September Starters at Tubbenden School:

Please note, on the 18th June from 9.30-10.30 there is a meeting for parents of children starting in Reception at Tubbenden in September.

Tuesday the 2nd July, Parents of children starting at Tubbenden in September are invited to a coffee morning and to bring their children along to meet their teacher. On this day we ask that you take your children straight to the ‘meet the teacher’ and not to Nursery first. When the session has finished, if you wish for your child to stay at Nursery, please bring your child to our entrance door where we will register them. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parents of Children Starting Different Primary Schools:

Please can we ask, when you receive dates for settling sessions at your child’s new primary school, please let us know so we can mark in our diary when they will be absent.

Sports For Champions:

On Monday 10th June, the school is being visited by Olympic Athlete, Ezekiel Ewulo who competed for Great Britain in the Long Jump. On Monday children are invited to wear their favourite sports team’s kit or sports gear. Children must still wear their black Velcro trainers.


Dates For your Diary:

 Monday 10th June is our athlete visit.

Friday 14th June is Sports Day! Parents are welcome to join us on the field from 10.30-11.30 to cheer on your child and their key person groups! please note, sports day will be held in the morning only. on this day afternoon children are invited to join us for sports day from 10.30, they can then stay and have a packed lunch with us.

Tuesday 18th June from 9.30-10.30 there is a  New entrants meeting for parents of children starting at Tubbenden in September.

Tuesday 2nd July from 9.30-10.30 children are invited to visit their new teacher’s and visit their new classes.

Tuesday 23rd July is the last day of term and also our end of term party! we will be having a bouncy castle, outdoor games and music and invite the parents to join us from 10.30 until lunch time to enjoy these activities with us. We also ask you send your  child in with a packed lunch on this day so everybody can have a picnic on the field together. Again, afternoon children are invited for the morning as this event will only be taking place in the morning.

Unfortunately we are having some issues connecting the Ipad to the computer so this weeks photos will feature on next week’s blog post.

Have a lovely weekend!

the Tubbenden Nursery Team


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