Nursery Weekly Newsletter 21/06/19

Dear Parents and Carers,

Morning Provision:

The morning class really enjoyed sharing their baby photos this week, the children all made guesses as to whose photo was who and enjoyed talking about what was happening in the photos.

In the role play area this week, due to a lot of interest in making their friends dinner, we set up a café! the children enjoyed following recipe cards, making collages of different foods cut out from magazines and creating their own menus.

Afternoon Provision :

In the afternoons our café has transformed into a hospital! the children have been dressing up as doctors and nurses and helping their friends to get better. They have also been making appointment cards, practicing writing their friends names.

The children have also shown a lot of interest in working together to build a large train track, we even got more track out of the shed so the track could go around the whole classroom!

in the art area, the children have shown a great interest in mixing colours. the children made circles of primary colours then mixed them up to make secondary colours!

Both Provisions:

Both classes were very excited when they arrived on Thursday to see we have some new additions to the class, we have 3 tadpoles! we are currently in the process of naming them and when they grow into frogs we will be releasing them into TWiG (the Tubbenden Wildlife Garden)

We would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who came to cheer on the children at Sports Day this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

Home Learning:

As the weather is forecast to be beautiful this weekend, the home learning is to simply enjoy the sunshine!

Photos of these activities or any other exciting news can be emailed to

September Starters at Tubbenden School:

Tuesday the 2nd July, Parents of children starting at Tubbenden in September are invited to a coffee morning to meet other parents and to bring their children along to meet their teacher and classmates again. On this day we ask that you take your children straight to the ‘meet the teacher’ and not to Nursery first. When the session has finished, if you wish for your child to stay at Nursery, please bring your child to our entrance door where we will register them. Thank you for your cooperation.

Dates For your Diary:

Tuesday 2nd July from 9.30-10.30 children are invited to visit their new teacher’s and visit their new classes.

Tuesday 23rd July is the last day of term and also our end of term party! we will be having a bouncy castle, outdoor games and music and invite the parents to join us from 10.30 until lunch time to enjoy these activities with us. We also ask you send your  child in with a packed lunch on this day so everybody can have a picnic on the field together. Again, afternoon children are invited for the morning as this event will only be taking place in the morning.

Here are some photos of this weeks activities,

Have a lovely weekend!

the Tubbenden Nursery Team

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