Nursery Weekly Newsletter 19/07/19

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week we gave the children the opportunity to choose the focus activities based on what their favourite activities have been over the last year. The children then voted for which activities they liked best.

Morning Provision:

The morning children have enjoyed being outside in the garden, making different buildings and structures with our foam building blocks. They have also enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen, using off cuts of herbs and flowers and also making large scale marble runs.

The children have also requested this week that in PE we do different obstacle courses so we’ve been jumping from heights, crawling through tunnels and experimenting with different ways of travelling across benches

Afternoon Provision :

The afternoon children have been experimenting with our train track, seeing how far around the classroom they could reach, they also used excellent initiative to create supports for the track using duplo blocks!

Other activities requested this week were going on a nature hunt so the children took a bucket onto the field and filled it with different natural objects which we then made pictures out of, gymnastics for PE and making books. so we created our own main character then made a story about them the following day.

Home Learning:

There will be no more home learning this term so if you’ve done anything exciting over the weekend, feel free to email in some photos for us to show and share

Photos of these activities or any other exciting news can be emailed to

Summer Jamboree:

As you are aware, on Tuesday it is the last day of term and our end of term party!

On Tuesday, Morning and All Day children can be dropped off at 9 still or if you would prefer you can bring them in at 10 when the party begins. Afternoon children should be brought in at 10 if you wish for them to attend the party. There will be a bouncy castle, outdoor games, music and an area for sitting down to have some snacks. If you are bringing snacks, especially snacks to share please may we remind you, NO NUTS. Tuesday will be an own clothes day but please may we ask you send your child in wearing suitable clothing for outdoor activities and the bouncy castle. If you wish to take your child home during or after the event, please inform a member of the nursery team. When the party finishes at 12 and parents and morning children have left, so we can accommodate the children having school dinners, the rest of us will be having lunch in the classroom together. Afternoon children are invited to stay after the party for lunch to save leaving then returning an hour later.

As tempting as it may be (we’ve had to resist for a couple of years now) the bouncy castle is for children only. Please may we ask when your child wants to go on the bouncy castle, they must take their shoes off first and only 5 children at a time. We will take timers out on the day.


Quite a few parents have let us know that their children wont be attending on Monday and Tuesday. If you are going on holiday or know that your child wont be attending on Tuesday, please could you let us know as soon as possible so we can make sure all of your child’s stuff is sent home.


As the end of term is flying around fast, when the children leave us next week, if anybody has any nursery uniform they no longer need or want, donations would be greatly appreciated.

Our final blog post will be on Tuesday Afternoon.

Here are some photos of this weeks activities:

Have a lovely weekend,

The Tubbenden Nursery Team


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