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Welcome to our school blog.

With changes to the way people access information we felt it was time to move away from the more traditional printed school newsletter to writing this blog, where we will celebrate all the exciting things that happen at Tubbenden Primary School, as well as share other news and information. There are even opportunities to add your own comments to each article.

To read the most recent articles scroll down the page. As the blog builds you can view posts on a month by month basis or by category simply by clicking on the menu at the left of this page. Most photographs can be enlarged by double-clicking on them.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading it and that you’ll come back to visit it every so often. Why not add it to your bookmarks/favourites list?


  • ¬†All comments are moderated by the school before publication.
  • On entry to the School parents are asked to complete a ‘Photograph Permission Form’, which includes the statement that ‘the School may use the photographs in any School publication/promotion including electronic media’. The School will not publish photographs of children whose parents have withheld permission so to do, and will not directly name children whose photographs appear on the blog.
  • We will continue to publish a simplified paper version of this blog for those unable to access the internet.




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