Astonishing Award Assembly

An assembly, in which the entire student body congregated in the main hall, was held last week to acknowledge the various achievements accomplished recently by many students. These pupils had to stroll to the front of the hall to explain what they did and were also congratulated by Mr Turvey and all Tubbenden children.

Firstly, the four year 6 pupils that took place in the national Maths challenge-held by Explore Learning- explained what they did and how well they thought they did. They were congratulated with a medal 🎖 and a certificate. The students stated they enjoyed the experience and thought they did very well.

Secondly, a golf centre near Tubbenden saved up £1000 and donated it to our school. We all would like to say thank you to all those people that kindly did this.

Then, a child in year 5 shared his experience of being a mascot at the football match between West Brom and Tottenham.  Although he waited two years for this experience it was well worth; he got a Tottenham shirt signed by all the Tottenham squad.

Finally, a young boy named Shlock took place in a under 8 chess championship for in London. In the assembly he was given a trophy 🏆 as he had become the best under 8 chess player in London. Many congratulations to Shlock for this fabulous achievement and good luck for future competitions!


Cycling Galahads

 Cycle 7A group of five Year 6 Galahad boys successfully completed their Charity Bike Ride on Sunday 17th April at the Cyclopark. The weather was perfect for them and Cyclopark was a fantastic venue. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and each completed the 10.5km without a break.

They have been overwhelmed with the amount of support they have received for their event and we are very proud of them for choosing to do it.  So far the boys have raised a phenomenal £2384 between them. Well done boys!

Cycle 8

CyclistsCycle 9



Amazing Generosity!

Last Tuesday we held our annual ‘Gift Assembly’. Mrs Veysey ran a quiz about presents, and we learned that some people in the school are hoping for an Elsa Doll from Father Christmas.

The Tubbenden community once again showed its amazing generosity, and in total 598 toys were collected for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. It was quite a task squeezing them into the cars to take back to Bromley!

Last year we collected 528 toys, so well done Tubbenden, and thank you!
DSC_0093 DSC_0102 DSC_0115






Having Fun Raising Money

Lucy and Eleanor from Galahad have been busy raising money for very worthy causes recently.

Both girls sold delicious cupcakes to school staff to raise money for Children in Need. They raised £15.00

Lucy also did a nine hour sponsored silence and raised £42.00 for Cancer Research.

Additionally, Eleanor sold loom bands to raise £35.00 for the PDSA

Well done girls!

Fantastic Fundraising

autumnmarcus (3)

Marcus, in Year 3, joined his mum and sister at the recent St Nicholas Church Autumn Fayre.  He set up a stall on his own selling all kinds of things including sweets, mince pies, tomato soup and baked beans, to raise money for Bromley Foodbank.  While others his age were enjoying their free time, he gave up five hours of his Saturday to help others less fortunate than himself.  In total he raised £12.00.  As he is only 7 we agree with mum that this is something to be very proud of. 

We are very pleased to know that Tubbenden values are practised inside and outside the school.



A Fabulous Fundraiser!

fundraising 2Miraat and Reshmi from Galahad heard how badly some pets needed help. They decided they needed to do something.

On the 31st of August, Miraat and Reshmi prepared and planned a successful crafts, cakes and lemonade stall at the Lower Road Allotments. They were fundraising for PDSA. There was an abundance of other stalls for their open day. Two weeks before the event they began by making a series of crafts, and the night before the event was busy making cakes! At the allotments, the pair were very enthusiastic and did amazingly well. The Mayor of Bromley herself said how impressed she was the by the handmade items at the stall.

Miraat and Reshmi said, ‘We both had a really good time at the allotments, although it was pouring with rain all day!’ They are very proud to have raised an amazing £55.20 all together. Well done girls! 

fundraising 1


Run or Dye!

Last Saturday Oliver and his sister Emily (now Year 7) completed a 5 kilometre ‘Run or Dye’ fun run at Hever Castle (without stopping or walking!). They raised over £150 for their chosen charity which was Hospice in the Weald.

We are very proud of you both!

This is a photo of them at the end. It looks like a lot of fun!


Ella’s Exceptional Effort

Ella in 5 Avalon was really moved by the problems facing people in Nepal following the Earthquakes and decided that she could do something to help.

Last weekend she planned, prepared and hosted Tea Parties throughout Sunday for friends and family to raise funds for ShelterBox – the charity for whom we collected earlier this year. Her weekend began with a huge amount of baking – thirty scones and sixty cupcakes! Her Nanny also helped out by making some brownies. Meanwhile she spent a lot of time inviting about thirty guests and planned the day to ensure everybody had time for a cup of tea (including an Earl Grey option – sophisticated!) or coffee, and a chance to play in the garden, all in return for a donation to Shelterbox.

Ella, who is an unassuming young lady said, ‘The best part of the weekend was finding out how much money I’d raised. I was astonished that I’d raised so much!’

In fact she raised a whopping £245.00. We are so proud of you, Ella! You have worked so hard and proved that one person can make a difference!


Fantastic Fundraising!


Last week in Year 6 and Year 3, fantastic fundraising has been going on. With cakes and cookies going round for the Nepal earthquake and many other treats going towards Help for Heroes, the school has been alive with children doing volunteer work for charity. Imogen, Mia, Eve, Alex and Millie managed to raise an amazing £34.75, Becky and Imogen made a fantastic £48.50 and the Help for Heroes team Izzy and Charlotte delivered a mouth-watering £100!

By Izzy French, Charlotte Grieve, Becky Borrow, Imogen Edmundson, Mia Pridie and Eve Solomons.

Shelterbox Appeal

Many thanks for supporting our ShelterBox appeal today at such short notice. The children have raised an amazing £1520 which will be used to provide shelter and emergency supplies to several families in Nepal.

Several children ran cake sales to raise additional funds. Well done Imogen, Becky, Mia, Imogen, Alex and Millie!

By the way – did you know that TPS News was once viewed by somebody in Nepal? Let’s hope they are safe, and that they see this post.