Outdoor Explorers Club

Week 7:

The Reception ‘Outdoor Explorer’ Club have been planting radishes this week and were excited to check on the progress of the potatoes they planted last week.

They also enjoyed a mini-beast hunt around the garden using magnifying glasses to find some small-world insects, and ‘watering’ numbered flowers with water pistols.

Finally, we began construction on our new ‘Bug Hotel’ and are going to start filling it with compost materials and hopefully we’ll have plenty of little visitors check in for us to observe!

Triumphant Again!


On Thursday 16th of March 2017, Tubbenden’s long successful 3 year streak was continued with another ground-breaking, amazing, astonishing performance by our strong team.  The talented, hard-working eleven players blew away the dismayed Warren Road squad with a breathtaking 6:0 win, which left the broken-hearted opponents in despair.

The squad of eleven were:  James, Ryan, Ollie, Jamie, Jake, Ekansh, Jake, Callum, Josh, Joe, Jacob.

The brilliant shots that entered the net were by: Josh G, James, Ryan and Ollie.

The parents spectated an amazing performance and loved watching till the end!

Ryan and Ollie

Gardening Club

Week 5

The Reception Gardening Club had a great time hanging the birdfeeders they made last week and planting potatoes in the Early Years Playground.

They even gave the grass a little trim to keep it tidy!

Tubbenden Terrific Netball Win

Yesterday Tubbenden’s netball team of Year 5 and 6 and girls, held a friendly match with the local Darrick Wood Juniors netball team. After a fun, practice match, the Darrick Wood team arrived. The game kicked off with amazing enthusiasm, and it was noticeable that Darrick Wood’s sneaky interception was fantastic and as was Tubbenden’s speedy escapes. The match ended and another started, this time the teams were even more determined than before. The game was on!  Finally the game finished and the teams sipped on orange squash whilst taking photos together. Tubbenden did win 3-2 but the game honestly was just for fun and both teams vastly enjoyed it. It was the first  match for both teams and we think they did an incredible job! Well done all involved.

Written by Ella netball

Choir Concert at Intu Bromley

On Wednesday the 7th of December, the choir went on a singing trip to Bromley and they saw the winner of the X Factor Matt Terry ! After arriving at the Glades INTU, the choir sang their amazing songs to the Christmas shoppers.  Whilst at the venue, they sang many Christmas songs that rose the spirits of the public and spread  joy to everyone. They all went home happy, proud and glad that they even got to catch a glipse of a celebrity!

By Niamh, Alyssa and Sonya

intu1 intu 2 intu

We are proud of the choir who recently received this letter of thanks:

On behalf of everyone at Bromley Mencap I am writing to thank you and your choir for taking part in our Carol Singing Day at Intu Shopping Centre on Wednesday 07 December. I hope that you all enjoyed the occasion as much as our volunteers and customers at Intu did.  The singing was absolutely wonderful and a great start to the festive season.

I am delighted to inform you that we collected an amazing amount of £687.44.  You should all be very proud of yourselves and this will make a big difference to us and the families that we support.

All of the money raised will be used to help individuals of all ages who have disabilities in Bromley and provide support for their families. Events like the Carol Singing Day are vital for the future funding of the charity so we cannot thank you enough for taking part and supporting our work in such a positive way.

I wish all the staff, children and members of your choirs a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I  hope you can continue to support us in 2017.

Kind regards

Jane Barnes

Green Fingered Gardening Club

The gardening club have been busy planting around the school.

The bulbs were bought using Cooling’s vouchers – kindly collected by parents – thank you.

Trees and hedging were donated by Woodland Trust and were planted in freezing, wet conditions by our hardy gardening club children.

 Liz Maher








Autumn Cookery Club

Our first “Lets get cooking” Cookery club has been a huge success this half term. The children have embarked on a 5 week course developed by the “Tesco Eat Happy Project” which aims to teach children how to prepare and cook healthy recipes as well as basic hygiene and food safety awareness.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Take a look at the skills we have learned and the delicious food we have made:


Chopping and slicing carefully,



Mixing and pouring


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      and eating of course!


To celebrate our Cookery Club we made pizzas and invited our families in to eat them at our last session.



And Mr Turvey came along too!


Miss Davison and Mrs Hodson

Teachers to Tubbenden


We were delighted to welcome our four new teachers to an induction day last week. From Left to Right: Miss Davison (Yellow Class), Miss Wilkinson-Boram (Year 1), Miss Hallums (Reception) and Mr Adams (Year 4).

We look forward to seeing them in September when they start here!

Gardening Club with 1st Prize


On Thursday 26th June, four members of the Gardening Club and Mrs Maher went along to Coolings to hear the results of Coolings School Garden Competition. We are delighted to say that our club won 1st Prize in the Primary School Section.

Congratulations to all involved and many thanks to Mrs Maher who runs the club, come rain or shine.