School Updates

Since school has begun, Tubbenden have had brand new updates adapting the school. In every building of the school we now have soundproof and fireproof doors. Now that we have had a new class joining us, Mr Turvey has ordered a temporary classroom on the field. While they stay and settle in there, the team are making a permanent building which will probably eat in to summer next year. In the Grand hall we also have a new ceiling with sun lights and bright L.E.D lights. An extra notice is that the tech team have introduced new chrome books which have Word Microsoft a touch screen and Google Classroom. A huge congratulations to the Tubbenden TFA and building team for bringing these new updates to our school.

By Jaydee, Joana and Harry







Governors’ Day in School

Wednesday 2nd April was the annual Governors’ day in school.

After starting the day meeting parents on the gate, Governors joined in guided reading sessions in classrooms, attended Infant and Junior Assemblies, participated in the School Council meeting, ate lunch with the children, and had the opportunity to sit in a number of classes across the school. In between we managed to squeeze in a couple of very interesting learning sessions –  on Building Learning Power in the school (helping children become better learners) with Mrs Veysey, and a curriculum discussion with Miss Wollaston. It was an interesting, informative and fun day, and all of the Governors were very impressed with what they saw. Special mention must go to the children who were very welcoming, appeared happy and confident, and were impeccably behaved.  A big thank you to Mr Turvey, Mrs Veysey and all of the staff for arranging such an interesting day and for making us very welcome.

Meet the Governing Body

Dear Parents and Carers,

You’ll be aware that every school has a Governing Body – a fine collection of individuals working hard as a team to contribute to the experience and outcomes of children. Their role is an unenviable juggle – the Governing Body is responsible for the strategy of the school, and it needs to both support and challenge the Headteacher. Governor’s work might include reviewing the annual budget; agreeing the future IT strategy for the school; revising school policies to ensure they are fit-for-purpose; or examining the attainment and progress of Tubbenden children and agreeing where funds might be best targeted in the future.

Most of the work is done in committees of which there are five, typically meeting twice a term. The Full Governing Body comprises all Governors, also meeting two evenings every term. Quite a workload!

TPS enjoys the experience of Governors with backgrounds in education (including two ex-Headteachers), banking, IT, legal, and marketing. Many have children in the school,  some not, but each have with their own value-add and contribution to make.

You’ll see Governors at Open Evenings, ‘Have Your Say’ and many other TPS events so please feel free to introduce yourself and say ‘hello’. The attached picture should give you an idea of your targets! If you’d like to email the Governing Body, please don’t hesitate to do so by forwarding your email in the first instance to the Clerk at

Governors 2013

TPS Governing Body October 2013

Governors standing  from left to right: Donna Williams, Julie Wheelwright, Emma Spear, Richard Batchelor, Beccy Eggleton, Jon Standring, Rob Samson

Governors seated from left to right: Susan Paine, Alix McCulloch, James Turvey, Kim Neighbour, Jenny Shepherd