Be aware and wash with care!

The Reception classes have been visited by Mrs Lake, a school Nurse and parent volunteer, who has been teaching them to ‘be aware and wash with care’ in order to stop the spreading of germs!

The children took it in turns to check for germs on their hands using a special gel and light box and watched a demonstration on how to wash their hands properly.

After a quick trip to the bathroom to practise their new hand-washing technique the children checked their hands in the light box again to see how effective their hand washing had been. There were some surprises!

We would like to thank Mrs. Lake for taking the time to come and teach the Reception children the importance of good hand hygiene in a way that was both fun and informative!

Outdoor Explorer’s Club

Week 10:

The Reception ‘Outdoor Explorer’s Club’ had lots of fun participating in a variety of large-scale mark-making opportunities including ‘puffy’ painting, coloured water painting, chalking on concrete floor and using sticks to make marks in wet sand.

Perfect pancakes 👌

On Tuesday 28th of February, the Reception children celebrated pancake day by decorating and designing delectable pancakes, which were a feast for both the mouth and eyes. They thoroughly enjoyed it when they were allowed to bite into their scrumptious pancakes; we were licking our lips within seconds! With creative designs and a delicious result, the children and teachers who accompanied them were made extremely proud with the stupendously amazing pancakes. They decorated them with marshmallows, chocolate and banana and drizzled them with syrup and lemon juice, a finger-licking combination. Well done to them for making such fantastic pancakes!

Josh and Ekansh


Reception Dive Under The Sea

Still working on their topic ‘Under the Sea’,Reception have been ‘diving’ into a range of exciting activities including: making their own jellyfish; creating their own under the sea scenes and thinking of adjectives to describe an under the sea scenario.
An enormous amount of effort has been put into this work and the reception children should be very proud of themselves. WELL DONE!

Here are a few pictures of the children’s work:


Marvellous Museum Visit🏛🐠🐟🐡🐬🐳🐋

Yesterday, the 5th of February, all reception classes visited the Horniman Museum to learn about sea creatures linked to their topic ‘Under the Sea’. They were given the pleasure of visiting the gallery and setting their eyes upon colourful creatures. In the aquarium, they got to feel some  different species of sea life and had fun pretending to be them!  After that, they were set a task: to find one fact about their animal. I hope Reception enjoyed their trip and will continue to do excellent work during their topic.

Reception Chinese New Year food tasting🍜🍚🍽

On the 26th of January 2017, Reception classes celebrated Chinese New Year. They tried different Chinese foods including Egg fried rice, Prawn crackers, noodles and Sweet and Sour sauce. The children completed a sheet with happy or sad faces next to a list of the foods. The results showed that their favourite food were the noodles. They also completed different pictures, found out about their birth animal and completed many other different fun activities. I’m sure the children absolutely loved it!

Here is a picture of Rainbow class’ wall on their celebration on Chinese New Year:

Reception’s Shining Stars

On Thursday 15th December 2016, Reception performed a fantastic Nativity for their parents.

All of the talented children enjoyed themselves thoroughly and with the help from their extraordinary teachers, managed to sing the songs beautifully. After performing it was evident that all the parents were deeply impressed by their children and fully immersed in the Christmas spirit. The Nativity couldn’t have gone better – well done Reception.             

By Ria, Tanu and Gbubemi





It’s good to be different!

We have been learning the story of Elmer by David McKee in Reception.  We enjoyed retelling the story with actions and creating our own story maps.  We then innovated it by changing the character and writing our new stories.  On Friday 27th May we celebrated the end of our topic by having an Elmer day!  We dressed up in colourful clothes as our new Elmer character and made up an Elmer dance.  Then we tried foods from our different cultures to celebrate being different and unique!

elmer1 elmer2 elmer3 elmer4 elmer5 elmer6 elmer8 elmer 9




Mission Accomplished!


On Friday 6th May, the children in Reception transformed into SUPERHEROES!  They were on a mission to find Dr Zorg who had stolen the class pets earlier on in the week.  Despite putting up wanted posters and writing letters to Dr Zorg, no one could find them.  That was until Spiderman thought he had seen Dr Zorg in the garden.  The children worked hard to solve the clues and even had to go through lasers to get to them.  Luckily the class pets had not been harmed and are recovering well back in the classrooms.

 We had a great day and are very proud of our brave superheroes!

 Reception Team

super6 super4 super5

super3super2 Super7

Super8 Super9 Super10