Yr5 & 6 Netball Tournament 🏐

On the 31st of October Tubbenden’s netball team played a tournament . Over all the girls lost but won a few games as well, the girls tried hard and did succeed in a few games so their heads weren’t left in doubt. The girls will be sure to train hard and play more games and become the best that they can be.

By Carter and George




On the 31st October and the following Wednesday, several pupils took part in bikeability. On Tuesday they trained and took 2 tests to make sure they can ride a bike safely on the road. Then on Wednesday they took to the roads of Orpington and practiced a safety procedure. It was a lot of fun and a huge congratulation to any one who got a chance to compete at cyclist of the year. We hope that all the children really enjoyed it and learnt how to ride safely on the road.
By Harry





Tubbenden Strike Again!⚽️

The Y6 football team played Darrick Wood Junior School on Tuesday 17th October.The boys played well scoring 2 goals in the first half going up hill ,despite trying hard ,Darrick Wood scored 2 more goals to equalise with 1 minute to go Joshua put the ball in the net to make it 3-2 with 20 seconds left.The boys tried hard and won there game having many injuries nose bleeds, bruised legs the boys managed to hold on! Go Tubbenden!
By Carter


Go Girls!

The year 6 girls football team played their first match on Wednesday 11th .The scores for all games were: won 3-0, lost 2-1 , lost 1-0 and lost 2-0 .They came 5th place and scored 7 points for their first match .The girls did well and will be sure to win all games in the future!👍
By Carter

Triathlon 🏊🏻‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🏃🏻

On the 1st of July Tubbenden took part in a triathlon at Warren Road school.
A triathlon has a swim,a cycle and a run which was quite tiring but it was still really fun. Our superstar runners did really well,they came 1st in most of the challenging races. In one race there was 3-4 people in every race,we swam 40 meters of a pool,600 meters cycling and 600 meters running. But overall it was a great time to be there.
By Will

Unfortunately Beaten ⚽️😱😪

On Friday 24th March, the Tubbenden football team played two difficult and astonishing games; the first one being a league game and the second being the semi-finals of the cup. With only half an hour a game, shorter than usual, some fantastic football was played and constant balls were played over the top.  Skills, performed to perfection, were beating the opposition, Oaklodge, and leaving them hanging in shame. Pace was beating them and we were just sprinting through the small gaps that emerged. Over all, the first match ended 1-1.  The second match was the most important. If we’d won, we had a chance of winning the cup for our school but when the final whistle blew, 2-1 was the score. Our first match we had lost in 3 years. We were all disappointed but our coach boosted our confidence saying, “The better teams win the league and so far, we are top! Although we lost, we played some outstanding football!” We were left contented by his loyal words. 😀⚽️

Excellent Cross Country Finish 🏆 🏃

On Saturday 11th march, after nearly 2 terms of training at ‘run a mile’ club, Tubbenden took a strong and enthusiastic team to Crystal Palace Park to part in the cross country event.  The races were divided into  Year 3 girls and Year 3 boys, followed by  Year 4 girls and Year 4 boys, finishing with combined Year 5/6 girls and Year 5/6 boys race.  There were over 1500 children running in the six races including about 50 of our own.

The Mayor of Bromley stood in the middle of the field and honorably started the crowded races.  Mrs Brash’s  runners fought throughout the 1800 metre race: sprinting at the start to avoid too much of a squeeze in to the bottle neck; tackling overgrown greenery; battling against other strong runners and just doing their best! A handful of triumph runners tumbled to the ground but everyone got up and soldiered on to the finish line.

Everyone involved did Tubbenden proud – all competitors  viciously battled as fast as they could to get to the finish line. The top 6 in each race, determined where their school came overall.   Special mentions must go to Charlotte in Year 3 who came 9th in her race and William who came 2nd in the  Year 5/6 race.  He was as surprised as us all for scooping this prized win – his efforts were recognised with a medal presentation.  Well done you two – quite an achievement!

A big thank you to Mrs Brash and Mr Lundy for allowing us this fantastic opportunity and to all the teachers and parents that gave up their Saturday morning to cheer us on.

Lewis, Rhain and James