TFA Kids’ Cinema

This afternoon, the TFA has kindly produced a film night for all children who would like to attend. The tickets were at a cost however they also get Cinema snacks and drinks. Emoji Movie was the chosen filmed to be seen tonight. Everyone has been looking forward to this and the moment has finally come. We hope everybody has a fantastic time.

By Joana

School Updates

Since school has begun, Tubbenden have had brand new updates adapting the school. In every building of the school we now have soundproof and fireproof doors. Now that we have had a new class joining us, Mr Turvey has ordered a temporary classroom on the field. While they stay and settle in there, the team are making a permanent building which will probably eat in to summer next year. In the Grand hall we also have a new ceiling with sun lights and bright L.E.D lights. An extra notice is that the tech team have introduced new chrome books which have Word Microsoft a touch screen and Google Classroom. A huge congratulations to the Tubbenden TFA and building team for bringing these new updates to our school.

By Jaydee, Joana and Harry







Fun Firework Filled Fair

On Saturday the 10th of December 2016, Tubbenden children were rewarded with another fun-filled, action-packed Christmas fair; it was extremely fun and brilliant.  The chldren and parents were lucky enough to have the TFA put together such a wonderful Christmas extravaganza.

 There were all types of different activities such as the money tree, the chocolate, drink and alcoholic tombola, arts and crafts, seeing Santa and many more. There were also fantastic, exciting, brilliant rides such as the exciting Disco dome, the fast spinning tea cups and the hair-raising bull ride.

At the end of the excellent fair it was topped off by Tubbenden’s fabulous firework display; there were all sorts of colour and patterns. “It was absolutely amazing,” a student complimented.

A big thanks to the TFA for arranging this fantastic fair for us all to enjoy.

Jacob and Alfie

TWIG Transformation

Saturday morning saw a really productive morning at the TWIG – take a look at the photographs to see the dramatic transformation.  Spike was absolutely brilliant at co-ordinating the team of helpers (parents, grandparents and children) who turned up to help, rolled their sleeves up and got stuck in with the enormous task!   Hopefully TWIG will become a more visited area, enjoyed by all children.  A HUGE thank you to all those involved.
twig-tidy-up19    twig-tidy-up13    twig-tidy-up14
twig-tidy-up12    twig-tidy-up11    twig-tidy-up5
twig-tidy-up8    twig-tidy-up3    twig-tidy-up6
twig-tidy-up10    twig-tidy-up4    twig-tidy-up15

We’re Safe in the Hands of Year 6

On Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th and Friday 15th April, the Year 6 children had an excellent opportunity to take part in First Aid training.  They were taught lifesaving skills, such as how to respond to someone who is unconscious, injured, choking or bleeding and who to contact for help.  These skills are extremely valuable for the children to learn and may, one day, help them save someone’s life.  The training was provided by Gary Currier from NMA Training and kindly funded by the Tubbenden Friends’ Association.

 A big thank you to Gary and the TFA from all in Year 6!



Our New MUGA!

DSC_0325The children are very excited about their new MUGA, and I am very grateful to the TFA who’ve worked so hard to turn an idea into reality. The MUGA is not only a great resource for break-time play – we also want to use it to support sports development at the school, providing opportunities for all children to improve their skills in a range of sports.

 James Turvey (Headteacher)

DSC_0302 DSC_0345


Artists in Residence


TFA1                                   TFA2

Congratulations to our budding artists, Dylan in KS1 and Isobel in KS2, whose designs were chosen to be printed on the front cover of the TFA Christmas Fayre programme.

Well done and thank you to all the children who entered.


Tubbenden Tuck Shop

Tuck 2

This week, the Tubbenden Tuck Shop opened. During assembly time Year 5 children carefully organised the healthy snacks to entice buyers! Many children queued up sensibly and challenged the Year 5 children to give them the correct change after buying a tempting treat.

The Tuck Shop will be open each day (weather permitting) at play time by the end of the Year 3 corridor. Thank you to those children who had the correct money, this helped speed along the queue.

The School Council would like to say a very big THANK YOU to the TFA who have supported the setting up of the Tuck shop.

Miss Tidbury and School Council

Tuck 1