Fire! Fire!


















Year 2 went to the Fire! Fire! Exhibition to mark the 350th anniversary of The Great Fire of London, at the Museum of London.

We went on two trains (which was probably the highlight of children’s trip) and explored the exhibition, role-playing using props and reading facts about significant artefacts discovered in the remnants of the fire. Children were able to pack a suitcase of ‘their’ most valuable belongings and recreate the structure of Tudor buildings in London, at the time, with wooden bricks.

Year 2 Spread Christmas Cheer

Year 2 and Year 1 have performed an amazing Christmas play! This was based on the real Christmas story: The Nativity! After a lot of hard work and practise it paid off as they performed to the Nursery, Reception and Year 3 children before entertaining their parents and putting them in the festive mood.

By Judy and Niamh



Predators on the Prowl.

Year 2 have been learning about predators: how they survive; the different predator habitats and what a predator was. On Thursday 8th December, Parents and Grandparents came in to school to help their children make a habitat from a shoe-box for a predator to live in it. They had to think very carefully about what different predators needed in order to survive.  It was a really fun, enjoyable afternoon.

By Isobel and Judy

Times Table Rockstars

Last week Miss Wollaston led a special assembly all about times tables. Before we went into assembly, everyone was given a number on paper – it caused much excitement! There were even some special ones with secret squares and triangles drawn on them.

As we were arriving, there were times tables questions with numbers missing, up on the big screen for us to solve. Our job was to figure out what numbers were missing, and then tell Miss Wollaston what we thought they were by showing our number cards.img_0199

After that, she picked all the children, who had the secret squares and triangles on their pieces of paper, to come up to the front. It was a mini competition: triangles against the squares.  They were tasked to answer some tricky multiplication questions and fight for points!


Once the quiz was over, Miss Wollaston explained that everyone has the chance to earn rewards for knowing their times tables – bronze, silver, gold, platinum levels and finally, if you’re a complete master, diamond status!  Once you have achieved your status for the year your task is to get quicker, increasing your speed of recall.

Miss Wollaston has signed our school up to ‘Times Table Rockstars’ which is a great fun way to practise. Remember to get your log in from your teachers to enable you to play at home. Try and improve your rockstar status – good luck!

Alex, Freddie and George

Recorder Concert a Resounding Success


On Thursday 17th March, the Infant Hall was alive with the sound of 92 recorders being played by some very enthusiastic Year 2 musicians.   Led by Mrs Poole of BYMT, the children played 8 different pieces of varying complexity to an appreciative audience of parents and grandparents.

Some children had never played an instrument before, or read music, but despite this, they played beautifully. Some pieces were interspersed with rapping and singing as well.

They have enjoyed recorder lessons throughout the year, playing on their own recorders (kindly donated by the TFA) and composing their own pieces. The improvement of the children’s playing was very clear and we are all very proud of their accomplishments.



Year 2 Visit Leeds Castle

Leeds1On Wednesday, Year 2 visited Leeds Castle as part of their “Castles” topic. Despite the artic weather, a fantastic time was had. We explored the history of the castle and the various characters that had lived there. The children took part in a workshop and had a fantastic time wearing different costumes and acting small parts to bring the characters to life. We met Henry VIII and his wife, Catherine of Aragon, William the Conqueror and his evil half brother, Bishop Odo, right up to the last owner of Leeds Castle, Lady Baille.

The children explored the castle itself, looking at the features of the building as well as how it had changed since it first appeared in the 10th Century.  They saw the original portcullis, the moat, as well as the fireplaces installed by Henry VIII.








Infant Grandparent Harvest Celebrations

Last Friday we were astounded by the amount of Grandparents who came to celebrate Harvest with the Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2 children.

The children loved singing Big Red Combine Harvester among other Harvest favourites.

All the Grandparents then came to make various Harvest crafts in the classroom with the children.  They created ears of corn, handprint trees and hedgehogs.

IMG_2112 IMG_2116        Year 2 Harvest crafts

We would like to thank all the Grandparents for sharing in this wonderful event.  Please rest assured that we are thinking of ways to ensure you have a clearer view of the children next year.

IMG_2100    IMG_2101     IMG_2103


Year 2 children and parents celebrated the end of the Predator Topic by creating a jungle shoe box habitat. Children designed their habitat and created the predators using a range of collage materials. The habitats were alive with prowling tigers, sly snakes and calculating crocodiles! Well Done Year 2 children and parents. The jungle habitats look wonderful.