Crofton Roman Villa

Crofton Roman Villa

On the 5th of October year 3 went on a school trip to the Crofton Roman Villa . While they enjoyed dressing up, making mosaics and looking at the wonderful remains of the villa, they also discovered that under our school field is a Roman Villa. They also learnt about how they lived in those ancient times.
By Jaydee and Harry




Wonderful Dinosaur assembly

On Friday the 30th of June, an unusual event took place in the junior hall; a professional excavator performed an amazing assembly about dinosaurs. He focused on one particular dinosaur: the T- Rex. During the assembly, he presented to the school a three-week-old T-Rex, a footprint of a fully grown T-Rex and finally a giant 7 year old T-Rex. This was epic as they brought an actual 7-year-old T-Rex int the hall. The hall went wild with excitement as the dinosaur wondered around the hall. Year 4 got pictures with this beast as this was their topic. Thanks to Mr Adams for organising this event.

Perfect Pantomime

On the 15th of December, the whole school experienced an exceptional pantomime, named Cinderella; although it did not include all of the characters, the school enjoyed it greatly. The panto was jam-packed with songs, dancing and exhilaration. The children adored how astoundingly amazing the flawless actors were and how professionally they performed the outstanding act. The entire play was completed with only 4 actors and a group of volunteering children, who each debuted in certain scenes. The play encouraged the students to dance and sing along. We gave a huge thank you to the actors and the school for arranging the occasion and allowing us to watch this stunning spectacle.

By Josh and Ekansh


panto-2  panto-3   panto-4

Times Table Rockstars

Last week Miss Wollaston led a special assembly all about times tables. Before we went into assembly, everyone was given a number on paper – it caused much excitement! There were even some special ones with secret squares and triangles drawn on them.

As we were arriving, there were times tables questions with numbers missing, up on the big screen for us to solve. Our job was to figure out what numbers were missing, and then tell Miss Wollaston what we thought they were by showing our number cards.img_0199

After that, she picked all the children, who had the secret squares and triangles on their pieces of paper, to come up to the front. It was a mini competition: triangles against the squares.  They were tasked to answer some tricky multiplication questions and fight for points!


Once the quiz was over, Miss Wollaston explained that everyone has the chance to earn rewards for knowing their times tables – bronze, silver, gold, platinum levels and finally, if you’re a complete master, diamond status!  Once you have achieved your status for the year your task is to get quicker, increasing your speed of recall.

Miss Wollaston has signed our school up to ‘Times Table Rockstars’ which is a great fun way to practise. Remember to get your log in from your teachers to enable you to play at home. Try and improve your rockstar status – good luck!

Alex, Freddie and George

Google Expeditions

Today we were lucky enough to welcome a representative from Google into Tubbenden to work with our Junior children.With the use of virtual reality cardboard headsets and devices loaded with the ‘Google Expeditions’ app, the children explored places beyond reach of our classrooms and local area. The Google Expeditions provide collections of virtual reality panoramas – 360° photo spheres and 3D images.

The children have travelled all over the world today. We have been to Egypt to see the Pyramids, to Africa to witness the Great Migration, to Mount Everest and it’s base camp, we discovered the 7 New Wonders of the World, some children dived with enormous sharks, whilst some ventured into space where they could explore the Moon, the planet Mars and even go aboard the international space station. To believe we did all this from the comfort of our school is incredible! It was a truly amazing day. The children were in awe of every place they explored, and it definitely provoked plenty of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahhs.’

The ‘Google Expeditions’ app is available for you to download on iOS and Android. Cardboard headsets can be purchased easily from Amazon; after today I think they may end up on a few Christmas lists!

goo2 goo3 goo4 goo6 goo7







Further Chess Success for Shlok


We are very pleased to report that Shlok, Year 3,  continues his success in chess.

At the end of July, Shlok won the Under 7 Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge (Gigafinal) and was runner up in the British Chess Championship in the Under 8 section – a year above his age.

 In August, he entered the Under 8 category of the European Youth Chess championship in Prague. Shlok was competing against 100 players from 49 countries and finished with a creditable 5/9.


We look forward to following his further successes in the future.







Mysterious Creature On The Rampage in Year 3!

On returning to School, after the INSET day on Monday last week, a terrible scene of chaos and destruction was found along the Year 3 corridor which continued into the classrooms! On Monday evening, Mr Harms heard strange sounds and saw two glowing eyes when he started to lock up the School and on Tuesday morning…well as you can see from the photographs none of the Teachers were happy!

The children became Dragonologists and looked carefully at the evidence left behind; luckily no sign of the creature was found. Please keep a look out if you see any extraordinary things in your garden or local park such as piles of ash, unusual footprints and scratches – if you do spot something please let one of the Year 3 know.

dragons1                                                     dragons2




dragons5  Dragons4

Friendship Week Rap

During Friendship Week, Cara Richardson, Imogen Spear and Ellie Smith from Caradoc produced this fantastic rap which they shared in assembly . Well done girls. A fantastic effort!


A band-aid always helps my skinned elbow or knee,

When I get my feelings hurt it’s not so easy

to forget and get better and say I’m OK,

sometimes hurt feelings just won’t fade away.



Na na na na na don’t tease.


I’m the kid they make fun of who never got picked

to be a member of a team cause I wasn’t all that quick,

put yourself in my shoes and I think you’ll agree,

get to know a person better then you won’t tease.




They say sports aren’t my thing, how right they are,

but you’d like my collection of baseball cards,

yeah, I might not read books as fast as you

but check out the cool pictures of the story I drew.




Words have the power to build us up or tear us down,

soar like an eagle or come crashing down,

everyone’s different, special and unique,

so choose your words carefully before you speak.