Caradoc visit Dulwich Picture Gallery

On February 4th Caradoc Class went to Dulwich Picture Gallery.  After getting the train from Orpington to West Dulwich, we had a short walk to the Gallery.

car 1

Once at the Gallery we split into two groups and were taken on a tour of the Gallery, where we looked at a few pictures in more detail.  Our favourite portrait was called Mrs Moody and her children.

Did you know…the children in the picture are actually boys! Boys in dresses!

car 2  car 3

We also looked at some narrative paintings – The triumph of David and the Nurture of Jupiter both by Poussin.  Very gory stories!

We also got the chance to see a special exhibition of art work by Emily Carr.

car 6  car 5

The talks we had were very informative and we learnt a lot about the paintings.

Caradoc Visit Crofton Roman Villa

On Wednesday 24th September, Caradoc Class went to visit Crofton Roman Villa. First we had a talk from an Archaeologist, who told us about the discovery of the Villa in 1988.   She also told us some Latin words like tessera and hypocaust!

 Caradoc 2      Caradoc 3

We split into two groups, some of us made mosaics. Some of us did a brass rubbing. After, we swapped over!

Caradoc 4

Next the lady told us about Roman rubbish, and how interesting it was – you could find out how they lived and what they ate – NO POTATOES!

Caradoc 5

Caradoc 6 Four children got to dress up as Romans.

Caradoc 7

Finally, before returning back to school we looked at some artefacts and drew them.

We learnt a lot about the Romans and their treasures.

Tropical Smoothies

Smoothie 4  Smoothie 1   Smoothie 2

On Tuesday 13th May, 3S finished their Rainforest topic by making smoothies!

Last week we looked at some different fruits that grow in the rainforest and we had a chance to taste them.  Then we tried some smoothies that came from a local supermarket to decide what we would like our group smoothie to have in it.

We thoroughly enjoyed cutting up the fruit and blending them together – best of all, we got to try them!  Yummy!

We also decided to test Mr Turvey and Mrs Veysey’s skills at guessing tropical fruits – well done to them with only a few clues and a little taste they managed to guess what we had used.

Smoothie 3  Smoothie 5  Smoothie 6

Year 3 meet a Rainforest Ranger

Ranger 2      Ranger 1

On Tuesday 13th May, Year 3 had a visit from a Rainforest Ranger.  She told us about the animals that live in each layer of the Rainforest and then we had a chance to see and hold some of them – well the smaller ones anyway!

3S really enjoyed seeing all of the different animals and finding out about how and where they live, what they eat and lots of funny and disgusting facts!

Rainforest Day

In Year 3 we opened our new topic, about the Rainforest, by wearing green and brown clothes.  The whole day was spent thinking and learning about the Rainforest.

In maths, we had five different activities to complete – perimeter and area of animals and objects found in the Rainforest, how to get a family across the River Amazon and how to get three red frogs into the place of three blue frogs!   The favourite activity of all was estimating and weighing the fruits!  It was a challenge but we managed to solve the problems in the end!

We went to the SMILE room to read The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. As the story was read we experienced Rainforest sounds and images.  We felt hot and the green lights made us feel like we were in the Rainforest.

y1 a          Book review             Y1 b

In the afternoon we wrote a book review about the The Great Kapok Tree.  Next, in partners, we had a go at trying to guess whether some statements about the Rainforest were true or false. Finally, we ended by looking at where the Rainforests are in the world and completed a map showing them.

Y1 c                       Y1 d

Y1 e                       Maths activities

Y1 f                       Y1 g

Exploring The IMAX…

On Tuesday 21st January, Year 3 went to the IMAX Cinema as part of our entry point to our topic on Explorers.  We saw two films, the first was in 3D and it made us want to reach out and touch the fish swimming towards us!  This film was called Under the Sea and it made us feel just like a diver exploring the seas!  The second film was called Roving Mars, this was in 2D, and we got to see two robots (rovers) get built to be sent to Mars.  We found out that this happened in 2004 and they were only meant to last for 90 days but recently in the news we read that the second robot called Opportunity was still sending information back to Earth.  We had a good time finding out about these two different environments and how explorers would tackle these two different terrains.

Imax 1      Imax 2

Portrait Perfect!

artist 2artist 1

On Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th December, Year 3 had a visit from a Dulwich Picture Gallery artist. The artist spoke to the children about the importance of portraits in the Tudor times and then they all had a chance to make an animal montage using recycled materials that she had brought in.

artist 4          artist 3

How the Romans Lived


On Friday 27th September, 3S went to Crofton Roman Villa.  We had a talk from an archaeologist about when and how the Villa was discovered.  We were also told about and shown  artefacts that were found on the site such as oyster shells and animal bones; the archaeologist told us it gave them a good idea about what the Romans liked to eat!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Crofton 2   Crofton 1

We also got a chance to make a mosaic and to do a brass rubbing of a Roman Soldier.  Some children got to dress like a Roman! At the end we were allowed to draw and touch some of the artefacts the Romans had left behind.  We had a very enjoyable morning and can’t wait to design our own mosaics back in class.