Tubbenden Beats Bullying!

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On Wednesday 16th November, the Junior children congregated in the main hall to witness an amazing ‘Anti-bullying’ show about respect. An expert came in and played four different characters: a pigeon, a teacher called Mrs Ruder, a cat and a girl called Sydney. By the end of the assembly, the school knew what the letters of respect represented: R for rudeness, E for everyone, S for self-respect, P for people, E for empathy, C for care and T for together. We recited an acrostic poem in class to remind us of the importance of RESPECT.

Every Year 5 and 6 class then had a spectacular session attending an awe-inspiring drama workshop. To warm up our minds, we played a game called ‘7s’: each person had to count to 7, but there were exceptions. Every time you said a number under 7 you had to tap your left shoulder with your right hand. Instead of saying 7, you had to say,”Self-respect,”and as you said this, you had to do a certain gesture with our hands. If we got anything wrong, whether movement or language, we had to sit down and tell something about ourselves to the other students. It was great fun.

After we played this game, we were split into groups and were each provided with a verse from the previously mentioned acrostic poem. Each group was told to interpret the stanza and form a still image, using only their bodies. The challenge was then to bring the image to life. The students thought outside of the box and were praised for our creativity by the man who was running the workshop.

A massive thanks to Mrs Mercer for organising the amazing day.


Josh and Ekansh

Google Expeditions

Today we were lucky enough to welcome a representative from Google into Tubbenden to work with our Junior children.With the use of virtual reality cardboard headsets and devices loaded with the ‘Google Expeditions’ app, the children explored places beyond reach of our classrooms and local area. The Google Expeditions provide collections of virtual reality panoramas – 360° photo spheres and 3D images.

The children have travelled all over the world today. We have been to Egypt to see the Pyramids, to Africa to witness the Great Migration, to Mount Everest and it’s base camp, we discovered the 7 New Wonders of the World, some children dived with enormous sharks, whilst some ventured into space where they could explore the Moon, the planet Mars and even go aboard the international space station. To believe we did all this from the comfort of our school is incredible! It was a truly amazing day. The children were in awe of every place they explored, and it definitely provoked plenty of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahhs.’

The ‘Google Expeditions’ app is available for you to download on iOS and Android. Cardboard headsets can be purchased easily from Amazon; after today I think they may end up on a few Christmas lists!

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International Pi Day!

Last Monday was a special day for mathematicians – International Pi Day, so called because the date (month 3 and day 14) reflects the first 3 digits of Pi. To celebrate and to extend their mathematical expertise, Miss Wollaston’s maths group read the first part of a story, ‘Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi’, up to a point where Radius, the story’s hero needed to solve a riddle linked to circles.  Each child then measured around a collection of circles and across the middle before experimenting with calculations to aid them in noticing a pattern.  Patterns were noticed and, with further exploration, the class realised that the result of dividing the circumference by the diameter was the magical maths number Pi!  Once the discovery had been made, he class decided on formulae for calculating circle measurements and applied these to drawing circles with links to Miss Venn’s birthday as she just so happens to be lucky enough to share her special day with Pi Day!  Once the circles were drawn, the children used them to make giant chocolate buttons as birthday gifts and to write birthday cards with circle questions for Miss Venn to solve!

It was a great day full of learning and fun!

Miss Wollaston

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Out Of This World Genius Hour Projects!

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Yesterday, the Year 5 classrooms were buzzing with excitement as the children showcased their fantastic learning in their Genius Hour projects. There were space-themed cakes, hand-built rockets, solar system models, pieces of art and interesting PowerPoint presentations on display.  Parents were invited in and thoroughly enjoyed discussing the projects with the children.   As usual, Tubbenden’s pupils demonstrated they are building learning power through their independent projects and left their teachers beaming with pride.

Well done to everyone in Avalon, Dagonet and Ector!


Miss Wollaston, Mrs Mercer and Mr Lundy



Exciting Learning in Year 5

Year 5 have been engaged in some exciting activities this term. Last week they visited the Ragged Museum in East London. They dressed up as Victorian school children, and briefly experienced life in a Victorian School. This week their classrooms appear to be moving back in time to the same period, judging by the changes to their doors.

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This afternoon Mr Ferguson’s Maths group were engaged in a very challenging activity in the hall. They were attempting to locate an object using coordinates, but in order to do so they had to up-scale the four quadrants on the hall floor.  As Tubbenden children do so well, they approached the challenge with great resourcefulness, reciprocity and resilience. Well done children!





Throughout the last few days there have been sights reported around school of Dragons roaming the school grounds. They have been spotted everywhere from the playground to Mr Turvey’s office!

Year 5 spent a week creating these dragons in line with their topic of “Myths and Legends”. The workshop was excellent and it was incredible to see the boxes they started off with, transform into beasts. Each monster had its own personality that was unique and terrifying!


Sensational Science!


Last week, 24 budding young scientists in Year 5 and 6 got the opportunity to go to a science lecture at the Royal Institute of Science. This was a great experience as we managed to see lots of ways that engineering has influenced our lives as we know it.

From talking about the powder that makes nappies so absorbent, to discussions about freezing ourselves so we can live throughout different generations – we saw it all!

The best experiment was when the presenter used the Liquid Nitrogen to cook an egg at absolute freezing temperatures. It really looked like it was cooking the egg. It was sizzling! However the reaction was reversible and went back to normal when it gradually heated up to room temperature.

We also learnt about ultrasounds and were able to see one of the machines in use. We used it to look into someone’s neck and saw what it looked like.

The trip was enjoyed by all and has hopefully sparked inspiration for the future!

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