Fabulous Filming with ‘A Tale Unfolds’ 🎞📽🎥

On the 20th of March, the students of Lancelot, thanks to Mrs Davey’s hard work with a company called ‘A Tale Unfolds’ whose job it is to promote digital literacy in schools, were professionally filmed to star in ‘Plastic Times’.  We hope that this film will be shared with BIG companies like First News and CNN. Each of the children had at least one role in this exceptional event – everyone working together and encouraging each other – they did a wonderful job! With hi-tech equipment and amazing acting, the outcome was extraordinary.

As the pupils strolled causally into the room that morning, little did they know a giant green screen and one of their most inspirational actors – Rufus Write from ‘A Tale Unfolds’- would be waiting to greet them. They had an exhilarating time in the studio with Hollywood-style equipment and professionals on the job. The whole reason for this was to spread the word about the large clusters of plastic that destroy our beautiful oceans today; we spent a whole unit of work learning about this. We concluded with innovations to help terminate plastic pollution and we give thanks to Mrs Davey for arranging this amazing opportunity.

Check out our video online now: https://youtu.be/dYUZKnUt64s

by Josh and Ekansh

Look at some photo highlights of our day here:

Triumphant once again!👍⚽️

On Friday the 3rd of March, Tubbenden’s unbeaten run continued as they played the Hayes primary school team. The first half was arduous but we persevered through with a stunning goal by Josh L, which put us in the lead. No other goals were scored later in the first half but we had many chances. The second half was most challenging, but Alfie H scored another fabulous goal. Our opponents then went ultra attacking, but were unable to get past our impenetrable defence.

Every player performed very well and spread the importance of team spirit amongst the field. We hope for the best in the next match.⚽️👍🤞

By Dylan and Oliver

Triumph strikes again!😎⚽️🏆

The successful Tubbenden football team face one of their hardest rivals, Hawes Down. They travelled to their opponents pitch and the whistle blew! Their confidence and team work has developed throughout the season and has paid off. The first couple of minutes the struggled to gain possession but the eventually scored the first goal, just before half time. When the half time whistle was blown, Ben, our great coach, called us over to have a brief talk reflecting our performance. We knew Hawes Down would come out strong and bold so all our effort had to go into this tough half. With Louie-who scored the opening goal-charging forward with all his effort looked for the pass to reach him, and just about poked one in. Soon after, Louie’s goal, Ben Cossar hammered a curler into the bottom right corner. That made the final score 3-0 to Tubbenden. Victorious again!

James and Benjamin

Skype Session with Justin Miles









On the last day of term Year 6 were lucky enough to be able to Skype with the explorer, adventurer and author Justin Miles.  The children’s full report will follow early next term!  It was a fantastic session where we learnt about Justin’s passion for the outdoors and some of his extreme adventures.

For a part of our interesting island life topic Mrs Davey organised to Skype an amazing and inspirational explorer, this is how we got on:

As soon as Justin Miles popped up on our screens we new we would be in for a treat as he set down a few ground rules and the main one was… to laugh at all his terrible jokes! We asked him a few questions such as:

What was the most dangerous situation you’ve been in?

He answered that he once slip on ice in the Arctic and tore his intestines out…OUCH!

What was your favourite adventure that you have been on?

To that he answered going to the Arctic for the first time and seeing amazing animals such as narwhals.

Overall our interview with Justin Miles was a fun, enjoyable and just plain awesome!

By Dylan and Dennis

The Netball Winning Streak Continues!

On Tuesday the 7th of February the eager boys and girls of Year 6 contested the netball team from Farnborough. They played skilfully, impressing the bustling crowd on the sideline and especially our coach Mrs Brash. Our defence was impenetrable and our attack was swift and precise with passes and shots. We oozed teamwork and we’re able to zoom pass their defenders. We defeated our opposition 10-5 as a result of our continuous practice and hardships; this added another win to our seemingly endless streak.  Congratulations Tubbenden!

Sensational Salvation Army visit


On Tuesday the 13th of December,  six lucky students were chosen to do a special activity. Our trip to the Salvation Army was a amazing experience.  Whilst there, we got to wrap presents and help staff.  In the hall there were 2 long rows of tables laid out with food on them; we were given a small sheet from Dawn, which had details about two families written on it. We got the opportunity to shop and gather food that we thought the children would like. It was a great experience to be part of and we want to thank Dawn and the Salvation Army for allowing us to be part of the wonderful job they do for people in the borough less fortunate than ourselves.


Written by Hugo and Cerys

img_3687Salv 1img_3704 img_3703

Perfect Pantomime

On the 15th of December, the whole school experienced an exceptional pantomime, named Cinderella; although it did not include all of the characters, the school enjoyed it greatly. The panto was jam-packed with songs, dancing and exhilaration. The children adored how astoundingly amazing the flawless actors were and how professionally they performed the outstanding act. The entire play was completed with only 4 actors and a group of volunteering children, who each debuted in certain scenes. The play encouraged the students to dance and sing along. We gave a huge thank you to the actors and the school for arranging the occasion and allowing us to watch this stunning spectacle.

By Josh and Ekansh


panto-2  panto-3   panto-4

⚽️ Tubbenden’s Successful Streak Shoots On! ⚽️

After missing 1 hour and 10 minutes of school time, a new menacing team strode to victory, after a different set up. Tubbenden were split into two 7-aside teams to play Farnborough. There were 4 sections and the minutes went 15, 15, 10, 10. The match ended 5-1. The goals were scored by Di Marco (striking two for the blues!), Dwight, Bristow and Hattley. Unfortunately, coach Ben wasn’t there but Greg, his saviour, helped us – Thank you.  As it was just a friendly match, a friendly penalty shootout was won by Farnborough. Unlucky for Josh, he ended his Vardy streak of scoring in four games in a row. Let’s not forget though – another good win for TUBBENDEN!!!!

James and Benfootball-2