Tubbenden’s Digital Leaders

Tubbenden’s Digital Leaders are underway with the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme 👍🏽📱💻😀

In the first session we found out what we would be doing in our role as a Digital Leader.

We had to think about what qualities we needed for being a Digital Leader in our school.

In addition we dicovered our digital footprints. 👣


In session 2 we discussed and learnt what cyberbullying is and what it means.  Sadly cyberbullying does happen and it’s important we can teach our friends where to turn if they are worried that someone online is bullying them.

We know what to do if someone comes to us and they have been cyberbullied.

Look at the things we discussed we could do for someone who had been affected by cyberbullying.

In our 3rd session we started some presentations to feedback to our classes.  We will finish these in a few weeks following some more training.

We were lucky enough to have a special training session on video editing by Tim from ‘A Tale Unfolds on Monday 2oth March.  It was good fun making news reports and playing with WeVideo software.

In our 4th session we learn about what information you need to keep safe online.  We now what to do if a stranger contacts us online and asks you to meet.

We must:

  • Say no, be polite but firm.
  • Tell someone.
  • Block them – they won’t be able to contact you again from that account.
  • Report them – you can make a report to CEOP, we have a link on the pupil section of Tubbenden’s website.  You can also report them to the site’s safety team, and their account might get deleted.

In our 5th session we learnt about what makes a good online friend. We also experimented how to use the Pic-Collage app and made posters to promote our roles in school.